The Blessed Land


My beloved sis and brother in law had left just a week ago,for the Holy Land of Mecca to perform their Hajj.I envied their departure.To be the invited guests of Allah,over in His Holy Land,is such a blessing.It may seem weird that my sis and my bro in law who are both not working,are able to perform this obligation,without any hassle and complications.Although one may argue that they are able to go,with the proceeds from the sale of their house,I still adhere to that perspective that if Allah wills it,it will happen.I mean $30K for the both of them to depart,is no small amount.And my bro in law and sis sold the house a year ago.There are some people who sell their houses and get more money and yet can spend all of it within months.I noted with awe just how a blessed wealth can be stretched.It defies simple financial logic at times.Still remember the comments made by a participating workshop member after my session.In my session,I had mentioned about the blessings of wealth.How a low income earner can have his needs met without being deprived whilst the man with the extravagant pay check can barely survive after 2 weeks.This lady came up to me and thanked me for reminding her.She was just a helper at the mosque with a monthly income of $600.Yet she’s taking care of a household filled with an old aged mother,a cancer stricken husband and two kids schooled in madrasahs.And she’s not in dire needs of poverty.I was humbled to listen in to her sharing.I used to think that behind every story in life,there are numbers.Ever since I tried to gather resources for my programs and advises,I have learned so much.Instead of the former principle,I now think of what is the story behind the number.A millionaire could have gotten his wealth through robbery.The story behind his millions is therefore not worth mentioning.The man who drove a taxi sending his kids through university studies.The story behind his financial ability is worth emulating.That is why I get uncomfortable sometimes when peers or family members make remarks such as,”It’s okay with Jaz.He’s earning tonnes of money.”or “Jaz is rich.He can afford it.”Truth is,I’m uncomfortable because it makes the focal of my standing and reputation on my earning ability.Which is something I do not really desire.There are times when my earnings can be zilch for the month.There are times when my earnings are beyond my expectations.But I make it a point to not whine when it’s zilch.And when I make more,I make it a point to treat my family members or my clients.If one studies the mechanics of wealth building,one knows just how transient the numbers can be.I’ve earned in a year what people earn in three,but not a single cent is left of that money.Because how I derived that wealth and how I spent it were not blessed.I was ignorant.So,now am learning the ropes all again in the schematics of earning blessed wealth.The pursue of wealth is not my primary objective and I try as much to inculcate that value in my clients and family members.Because I’ve seen and experienced,how a little sum of money,coupled with the help of God can go a long way out.Even till now,I will never forget that experience of giving alms after my Friday prayers at Darul Ghufran mosque to a lady.I think the sum was $5.When I got back to office,I received a call from someone referred to me.He did business with me,and my commission from that transaction was in excess of $1K.Allah’s promise was true.Lend Him with your wealth and he will return it in folds.I still get goosebumps relating that story.

In relating my sis’s departure,I feel an acute sense of longing to visit Mecca again.In the very near future.May I be invited again,this time with my wife and child.For those who may not have got the opportunity to visit the Holy Land,do include your desire of doing so in your supplications.If they say Disneyland is a magical world,they obviously have not visited Mecca or Medina.

Mecca is like a gigantic area of magnetic field.The whole significance is hard to explain,but I always look at it from the  perspective that the Kaabah is like a giant transmitting and receiving device,in which people’s supplications are centered and focused for the dual actions of transmitting and receiving blessings.It is very unlikely that your supplication is not answered if asked properly.How do I know this?Cause I am married to my wife now.To cut the long story short,I had once supplicated that may I be reunited with my wife should she be the best partner for me in life.It’s something I’ve never shared till I pondered about it for quite a while.Anyway,that’s the short summarized version.

Mecca is also a place where signs are revealed instantaneously to the pilgrims.Till this very day,I can never explain how,whilst I was circling the Kaabah,I had a man brush past me,running.As he ran past me,I saw him,all clad in white,leaving a trail of what looked like human waste.Still remembered how I navigated my steps to avoid stepping on it.Just immediately after completing my tawaf,I proceeded back to my hotel room.As I entered,all my other pilgrim friends covered their noses.I asked why.And they all mentioned that there was a sudden stench of human waste.Yet I did not smell anything.It was then that I related what I had saw earlier.Immediately after that recount,the ustaz accompanying us,directed me to the toilet and asked me to take my ablution.Puzzled,I just did as I told.The room fell silent.Nobody spoke after that.It was only after dinner,that the ustaz approached me,and asked me to recount the story again to him.After I did,he related to me his rationale.Apparently,when I entered the room,the stench was coming from me.Yet I knew that it was not possible,as I did not step on the waste.But what the ustaz shared with me was a logical,but till now,something of weird for me to ever understand.He said that no one,will ever  do that whilst doing his tawaf.And to leave a trail of human waste whilst running was humanely impossible.It would have caused a stampede as people will want to avoid it like me.It was a life changing revelation.I still shiver when I recount about it.

A few nights after that,I had woken up early in the morning and made my way to Masjidil Haram to perform my night prayers.I went alone as the rest of my group were still sleeping.I proceeded to the uppermost level of the mosque and sat myself in the center of a designated area.There were only a few praying pilgrims there.I took out my small Quran and starting reciting the verses.In one particular moment,I found myself stumbling upon a few verses.I kept repeating that verse over and over.Suddenly a voice broke out on my left,reciting that verse to me,I turned and saw an old man seated just beside me.He was old,but had a bright wide face.As stunned as I was,I followed his lead and recited the verses.He guided me for a few more lines and I resumed my fluency.It was then that I turned to thank him,that shocked the daylights out of me.He was not there.I said my prayers in fright.I looked around and I saw no one walking slowly or anything.I was just seated there alone.The few other people in sight were a distance away.No way could an old man,disappear from my line of sight without me,a 17 year old,noticing.He was just beside me a while ago.The answer I received from the ustaz when I recounted the incident,was that I had perhaps been accompanied by an angel,appearing in human form.Only Allah knows.But that incident,was special as I can still feel that tingle of presence,as I’m blogging.

The third incident was when I was out shopping alone.It happened that at that point of time I was there,my grandmother was also performing her umrah.But she was traveling with a friend,and she had was there a week earlier with another travel company.All that I know was that she was staying at a hotel a distance away.Hers was situated to the east of Masjidil Haram whilst mine was to the west.It so happened that after an afternoon prayer,I decided to do a bit of light shopping at the stalls there.As I was visiting the shops there,a thought just crossed my mind,of how wonderful it will be if I could have encountered my grandma in the Holy City.Realistically it was impossible amidst the millions there.Besides there were no modes of communication to initiate a meet.And her hotel was too far off from where I was located.But no sooner had that thought left my the mind,I heard a familiar voice,of someone haggling prices in the shop that I was.I turned around and to my utter disbelief,there stood my 53 year old grandma.Miracles of miracles.I was just dumbfounded.I went up to her and she was as pleasantly surprised as I was.As I kissed her hands,I asked how she made it this far in the city,knowing where she was from.Her answer was as magical as her presence,”I walked through a market and found myself here.There must be a shortcut somewhere I think.”

Scary huh.

In essence,I believe that everyone should aspire to visit Mecca as soon as possible and not leave it to the later years of old age to finally realize time is running out.Everyone should have the desire to be an invite guest to Allah’s home.To be the prioritized guests of honor.Insya Allah.Do you realize that it will get harder as years pass by,to visit the Holy Land.The recent Hajj quota hath made me realized that even if you’ve got the afford ability to send a contingent over,if Allah does not will it,it will not happen.I believe strongly that the desire should be overwhelming enough to purpose us onto that track of earning the afford ability.Spiritually and financially.

Forget Maldives and Mauritius.Hah.

You never know what signs and signals await you.

Revelations for the blessed guests from the Blessed Land.

“Ya Allah…hasten my wish of being your guest,before you hasten my departure from this life.”



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