Quarantined In The Weekend Room

I’ve been guilty of not updating my blog.Heh.Then again,sometimes I truly wonder who reads my blogs or entries.I know I’ve got tonnes of traffic from Kai’s site,Redbacks’s site and to an extent my pal Sri’s site.Apart from all that,I wonder if I’m reaching out to a multitude of readers out there.Perhaps Sean Paul,P.Diddy and Jay-Z have been reading my entries to gain some inspiration.Wahahahaah.Or maybe,there are ex girlfriends out there who are reading my entries to detect any semblances of chaos and disorder in my life,so that they may slap themselves on the butt and exclaim,”See what happens to Jaz since I left him.”I know,sometimes the best way to feel good about yourself is by reveling in people’s miseries.It’s normal and I understand.In fact I always look through the obituaries to see if some enemies had passed on.Unfortunately,I do not have enemies worthy of my attention.

Talking about good things,I should just holler that I had a great thing going last weekend.On Saturday,my wife and myself headed out to Wisma Indah,and got ourselves some books.I love book hunting.In fact it’s our monthly thing to search out for a book.She got a pink colored Quran translation and I got myself a blue one.At ten dollars,it was such a gift.I was thinking about getting for my clients but as I ran through my list in the head,I could not figure out who.Not that they do not deserve it,but I just thought that they might think that I’m weird for getting them the holy book as a new year gift.Heh.Thus I abandoned the idea.We then headed off to Joo Chiat for a sumptuous dinner.It was heartening to see the wife eating Briyani.I knew she had not eaten that dish for quite a while and she proved her delight by finishing it at record time.Clean.After buying some health supplements and honey,we headed to This Fashion at Paya Lebar,where my wife tried to no avail,pretty looking clothes she could not fit into.Hilarious,yes,but I comforted her.When the baby’s out,she can wear everything and anything.Wahahahahah.We capped the night with 2 cups of whipped Mocha,cheesecakes and brownies.Home sweet home after that.

I was woken up that Sunday morning by the bustling of voices from outside my room.Heading into the hallway,I was greeted by the faces of the womenfolk of my neighbors.They were in the midst of cooking something for an occasion.My mum greeted my sleepy gaze and said that a neighbor’s brother had passed away,and the neighbor had requested my mum’s help to cook food for the attending visitors.Thus my mind activated the neighbors and in no time,preparations were made.I took my shower,got dressed and headed upstairs.There were the menfolk outside with my dad,chatting.The last time I attended a death occasion was when my secondary schoolmate,passed on.I was slightly surprised at the normality of things.It was just like any other occasions with relatives and friends visiting.One of the deceased family members then requested for help with the cloth cutting and I went inside.I got that weird feeling of watching a shrouded body lying in front of me.A man,who had been left by his children at the hospice.A man,who passed away without the comforts of family members,in the morning.A man,at the age of 58,who had both legs amputated,from diabetes.A bald man,seated beside the deceased was cursing in anger,mentioning how the children of the deceased were ingrates.Ungrateful children who cared more about enlarging the tattoos,then to visit their passing father.Other members were trying to hush him down.I though it strange that such attitude was tolerated,I would have given that man a tight slap across the face.Understand the frustration,but what will cursing the absentees do?In such circumstances,is not prayers more suitable?I regret at not having able to participate in the prayers and carrying to the cemetery as I had to leave for football.Seeing the normality made me a bit sick in the stomach.Reflections were lacking.Tact and considerations were absent.In fact,my mum made that sarcastic remark to the visiting family members,that she was regretful at not being able to serve up salad and fruits,for the feast.Because,these Malay folks were ordering my mum and other cooking neighbors for food as if it was a celebratory feast.Idiots.We did our part,that is all that matters.

Soccer session was beautiful.I scored another goal.What made it even more precious was the fact that it proved to be the match winner.I was just happy with the collection of points.In a league format,points matters.Yes,points are like the number of girlfriends you should chalk up.Hahaha.The celebrations for my goal was such a wonderful feeling of alpha male bondings.Hugging the Captain felt funny.Hahahaha.Being mobbed by so many bodies was like dancing in a sea of high waves.It would have made lesser men cry.Kai mentioned that I needed to work on my celebrations.He was right.I was just standing there.The truth is,I was shocked.I recalled how the ball just bounced off a clearance,and I collected it,around the D area.I was facing away from the goal.I made a slight,slow turn to face the goal.An onrushing defender came on,I shifted the weight of my body to the right,by out stepping the ball to my right foot.Looked up and let fly.The moment the ball left my kicking foot,it was just like having a tonne of bricks being lifted of it.Felt like I was featherweight light.The trajectory of the ball was slightly curved,as it it swerved slightly to the top left corner of the goal.The snap shot caught the goalkeeper by surprise,as many eyewitnesses mentioned.I too saw,the turning head of the bewildered goalkeeper,as the ball sailed over his shoulder.It was right then that I blacked out from the conscious realm.It was just surreal.

The thing about the past weeks of soccer is that,the team is working cohesively as a unit.I truly appreciate the significant improvements we made,as we compensated individual weaknesses with overwhelming teamwork.Even for myself,knowing the physical capacity I am at,appreciated the contributions of hard running players,who had that desire .Seeing players like Ming and Ayat running around like there is no tomorrow,lets me catch that semblance of what made me intrigued by soccer in the first place.The stupid game of 22 players chasing after 1 ball actually symbolizes something dynamic.The pursue of an objectivity.Yet,it requires the combination of both art and science.What makes soccer unique is that uncanny ability to draw from you,that raw instinctive nature of a human being.No science can tell you when to shoot.Science tells you how to shoot.Art tells you when to shoot.Experience and competency.A potent winning formula.

I learned something about myself after that goal.I have the knack for the spectacular.I just do not realize it.

Spectacular results is all about doing the complicated things simply.


One thought on “Quarantined In The Weekend Room

  1. Superbly put bro!

    You should write a book on football and the experiences it brings and how it shapes a person. I’m sure there is a lot to be studied about the relationship between sports and the human mind..

    Looking forward to more spectacular goals man! Stay well…

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