Random Nights Of The Unearthly Type

When do you know that you are having one of those random nights when anything can just happen?It’s when in the middle of the night at around 11 pm whilst you are watching America’s Next Top Model with your spouse,and your mum knocks on the door asking for your assistance.What assistance you ask?A neighbor who lives on the upper floor had just called your mum,saying that her daughter is spooked.So off you go,cleaning yourself up,taking ablution,grabbing hold off your mobile phone and your trusty Holy Quran.As the elevator makes its way up,images of turning heads,screams and twisting torsos fill up your highly charged imagination.As you make your way,you realize that the home was already filled with people judging by the number of footwear outside the door.As you venture inside the home,you noticed a familiar girl sprawled up on her kitchen dining chair.Eyes closed shut whilst saying,”Get her away!I do not want to see her!Get her away!”Nearby,a man clad in “songkok” went into the room and began calling out the prayers of “adzan” loudly.You just stand there clearly at loss as to how you should make your presence count.You tried to eavesdrop on the conversations,to understand the origins of the situation.In between chatters,you hear that the girl who was on her way home with her mum,(your neighbour),saw a white fleeting anomaly whilst in the cab along Upper Thomson.Curiously,she chose to exclaim the observation out loud to the irritation of her mum who obviously knew better.Too late.The anomaly apparently decided to tag along and pay a visit to her home as it made its horrific appearance to her,frightening her to pieces.And thus,here you are…

Just another fanciful,fictional story Jaz?Afraid not.I was welcoming such a night,just yesterday.I was not surprised with such occurrences.Been getting these ghastly vibes,of the supernatural kind for quite a while in my neighborhood.Anyway,I figured that my presence and my mum’s were redundant that night.As the relatives were clearly on top of things.Unfortunately,I was telling myself that it will not end that night,as some of the things done were ritualistic not proper.By that I mean,that the conducted “exorcism” were not in line with what was proper.Am not actually an expert on such things but I have adequate knowledge to perhaps do something.My mum chided me for not stepping in,and making my presence count in such circumstances.On hindsight,she was right.I’ve got this impression that elders always knew what to do.Thus me taking the backseat.But,it may not be the case.Anyway,during the moments,one of the relatives took the convenient of reading some prayers onto a packet of salt,and then spraying the circumference of the room with it.The Malays will take that as a proper conduct,but actually there are no basis to it.I commented that to my mum when we got back,and she chided me for not saying it.My bet.

But anyway,just today,a few hours ago,after my dusk prayers,my mum got a call again.The neighbor was saying that her affected daughter had just passed out.Why am I not surprised?So off we went,and this time I told myself to perhaps try to do whatever I could within my level of knowledge.We found her huddled in her blanket and she was saying that she felt her hair being pulled whilst doing her prayers,resulting her to fall back and faint.Wow.The anomaly is getting nastier.My mum was asking me on what to do.I said I do not know.To her irritation of course.The fact was,I did not expect her to be conscious.But anyway,I asked her brother to switch off the television.I placed my Quranic recitations cd onto the player and played it out.Semi blasting the volume.I then asked my mum if it was possible to ask my neighbor’s daughter to join me in reading the Quran today,and she complied.So we sat ourselves around the dining table,and I started to recite from the Quran.

1.Surah Al Baqarah Verse 1 – 5

2.Surah Al Baqarah Verse 102

3.Ayatul Kursi

Later,we had a chat with the girl,and I shared with her what I felt could be th whole initiation.The fortunate thing was,she was not possessed.Not the Exorcist kinda type.She was just being frightened into submission.You know these kinda things,anomalies or entities,do not really have a good chance of possessing someone with a strong will/spirit.Or what we Malays call “semangat”.The problem with this girl,was that in recent months,her family had been besieged by calamities after calamities.Her dad,is in a coma after a serious accident.Her uncle just passed away.She’s facing teenage angst in her school,with all the self esteem issues.Thus she was the conducive vassal for such unearthly assaults.As evidence,when asked if she had any weird dreams in recent days,she said that she dreamed of her dad.Obviously,the Satans were having a field day making her feel down.Poor girl.My mum and I left her with some simple practical advices on how she could take care of her inner self.Such things are best left to be fought by the affected.

I have a deep interest in the area of possessions and such things.From a personal perspective and experience,I believe that such knowledge are crucial.As much as we might wanna believe that such things are trivial,we have already been told that the “true” enemy we have are Satans.I am keenly aware of its existence and have done all I could to at least equip myself with basic knowledge to help myself.In 1996 to 1997,I had one of the most tumultuous period of my life.It may have contributed to some changes in me but the whole essence of that moment was that defining period when I was battling something which was within me.There was even a night,when my relatives were called in,to recite prayers for me,as I was thought to be on the verge of dying.I was almost fighting a losing,inner battle.It was surreal to note that “out of body” experience when you see yourself lying down there.Brings goosebumps but I swear to God,I felt what being enveloped by darkness felt like.The last resort my parents did,was to bring me to be treated,by the now famous Ustadz Jumadi Mustar.Back then he did not have a clinic in Singapore like the one at Daril Ilajj now.My mum rented a van,and we were driven up all the way to Pontian just to meet the Ustadz.

The experience in his small room was even weirder.He had me seated in front of him,with the background being filled with the recitations of Quranic verses.He looked into my eyes,and confirmed with my mum that I had “one” inside me.Something that had been accompanying me for long,as it noticed that I had been lonely and restless.As the Ustadz read several verses to me,my left arm began trembling hard.Funnily,the rest of my body were perfectly fine.My lips began to quiver inexplicably.What was even weirder,was that I began crying,but only with my left eye.As he read the verses,I could feel the throbbing of something moving in my body.The Ustadz kept reciting to me,interrupted with the query of,”Will you leave this boy?”.Things became faster,as my body began jerking hard,my left arm trembling hard.But the Ustadz just calmly kept his hands on my left arm and stroking it from my shoulder down to my fingers.It was then at one moment when he instructed the “thing” to leave through my fingers,and we could literally see,my veins throbbing all the way down to my index finger.My index finger began flickering hard,as though it was struggling to release something.The Ustadz then made a capturing gesture with his hands at the end of my finger,clasping it hard.He then took a bottle,and place his hands over the mouth of the bottle.That was all that I remembered of that ordeal.Everything seem brighter after that.

My dad.My grandfather.All are unfortunately cursed with owning such things in their life.Malays call it “saka”.Something passed down from generation.I do not know if mine was removed and I will never know for sure.My sister always like to remind me of what she observed,at my grandfather’s passing.She went and I did not.She mentioned just how difficult it was for my grandfather to die,even though he had passed so much earlier.Everyone present could observe just how his stomach was bloated with something moving within it.Only when prayers were read to it,did the whole affair finally ended.This “things” needed a vassal.My Dad has been struggling for years with it.He may still have it,though I believe he has been trying hard to distance himself from it,as he ages.His attempt at spiritual solace these days may do him good.I’ve seen him turn into a human tiger in front of my eyes,eat smoke and we once had a queer ceremony in his room,where he spoke to me in Thai.Amazing,yes,but I was as perplexed.For someone who had never even travel to Thailand,his gruff and heavy Thai accent was just strange.Still remember when he asked me in halting Malay,to ask him of anything and he will grant it.And I asked him for strength of will.Recounting back,I was such a dimwit.My teenage years were troubled ones.Heh.

My purpose in sharing all these?

To share the awareness on the needed knowledge.We may not need it,but it may come in handy when you have your own home,families and so forth.

Some of the ways to know if you are being in close proximity,or your home is being surveyed,

1.You get a foreboding and gloomy feeling when you get home.

2.You’ve been having funny dreams,like falling from a high place.You dream of black dogs.Snakes and cats.Repeated dreams of unearthly things.An indication such as two black dogs,can indicate that there are two entities.Dreaming of crosses or other religious symbols indicate the religions of the entities.Dreaming of cemeteries,rubbish dumps and so forth.Dreaming of strange looking people.

3.You hear the chirping of lizards in the dead of the night.Once is normal.Constant is an indication.

4.Twitching of your eye.Throbbing and trembling of your veins/fingers.

5.Hard to sleep.Waking up in the middle of the night.

…there are many others.

How to treat such things?

Never go to a witch doctor.

Never do unfamiliar rituals,even if it involves Quranic recitations.

Never leave it to rest.

I bought a book a few years ago.Titled “Ruqyah”,written by a Middle Eastern cleric called Wahid Abdussalam Bali.He is the Islamic’s foremost authority on the Supernatural.No kidding.Tonnes of helpful info which my whole family practices.No mumbo jumbo.Just plain Islamic exorcism therapy system.Good to know and be quipped with.



3 thoughts on “Random Nights Of The Unearthly Type

  1. How come I didn’t know about your treatment? Was this the period when you were away from school for a long time? Anyway, I’m glad things turned out fine bro. I shudder at the thought at what would happen if it didn’t.

    Such things are so alien to me, but you are right, it’s good if we know something about it so that we are well-prepared for incidences.. When I read your signs, I remember a point of time where I experienced some of them. Anything for me to be worried about? Or is it just coincidence..

    The truth is out there…

  2. HI there…. Thanks for sharing… I have s somewhat similar book by Wahid too…. ALhamdulillah. Actually I am from singapore and was typing some keywords in the search engine to find ustadz’s website. I remembered he got one. But I can’t remember the site’s name…

    Do you have a Facebook account? Pls add me if you do.

    Liza salim FB name (with the Raffles’ profile pic.)

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