Insanity Of A Sanitized Malay

What is insanity?To Einstein,it’s a bout expecting a different result albeit repetitions of the same actions.(something like the state of my current Redbacks team.Heh!)Insanity in recent days to me has been about,Shah Rukh Khan getting a “Dato”ship.Insanity is about people over in our neighboring country trying to put a fixated point of blame,on the landslide that led to the collapse of one of their premier residences.Insanity is about the Thai people still grappling over who should be Prime Minister.A pro Thaksin party or a pro Thaksin party?Insanity is about the New Paper featuring two stories of pathetic Malay Muslim families,burdened with financial struggles.Families that turned down job offers because of unsuitability.Saddled with debts yet having the 40 inch flat screen with sound system as part of household items.Insanity is all about one thing.


In all parts of the world we are perhaps seeing an influx of disorder.An increase in chaotic activities.Retrenchments and recessions flood our media streams.It’s hard to be cheery about the coming days.I wonder what the notion of depression will take symbolically in this turmoils.

My Redbacks team had been consigned to two straight defeats over the past fortnight.If it was the old analytical self,I’ll pinpoint the losses to a whole host of factors.But as I had stated my case months back,such priorities ought to take a relaxed back seat.There are times when I asked myself if I could have done better in such games.The answer was of course a resounding yes.But the reflective side in me also figured that in life,these days,setbacks are the greatest feedbacks for improvements.Like how I creaked my knee again last Sunday.I will probably need to take a considerable time resting.But the physiological and psychological feedback I received was that my psycho motor skills just needs tuning.instead of cursing my luck,I just take it that I’ll position my body better the next time around.
Sometimes we have this ill fated perspective that life or everything in life is all about the pursuit of excellence.Nothing absolutely wrong with the ideal.It’s just that we forget at times,of that thing called cycles.Self help books everywhere are so narrow focused on the aspects of doing better.Doing superlatively well.Succeeding in every corner of the world,that we are almost brainwashed to eliminate the word failure from the dictionaries in or mind.Our self expectations exceed the normality of life.That with every success,you should expect a semblance of failures.And when one fails,it’s because it’s a phase of transition into the next course of success.

It came to my mind after reading a line from Kai’s recent entry about one needing to climb another mountain after one has been conquered.It’s his analogy about moving on after conquering a challenge.On that aspect I totally agree with him.And it came to my humble realization also,as an add on,that someone needs to have the needed skills to also climb down that mountain first,skillfully and with the technical knowledge to do so.I’m implying that anyone who knows a thing or two about climbing up that ladder of success ought to also know when to climb back down and how.It’s perfectly logical to assume just how dreadful someone can ever be to live all his life,on top of that conquered mountain,forever.Being able to graciously climb down that pedestal,and head back to the humility of his origins is what makes a success story truly remarkable.How does this tie in with my Redbacks team?It’s just a personal reflection that sometimes the best way to win,is to know how and when to lose.And then will it be a strategy worth employing.Look at how the Singapore team is now.From the doldrums of being whipped lions,we are now the highlight of the region.I’m impressed by the Lions these days as they showed through their displays,a common thread of successful teams.Character in the face of adversities.It’s no surprise that they have not lost a single game in the region’s tournament.

I took my mum,wife and bro out for lunch today at Northpoint.They recently went through a refurbishment at its food court,and I thought it will be a nice venue change for lunch.When I did my order at one of the stalls,I was dismayed by the antics of middle aged Malay makciks,obviously kitchen staffs,who were heckling and laughing away like hyenas as they were serving to patrons.I realized that it was perhaps an outburst resulting from a comical incident in the kitchen.But their antics were embarrassing such that it will make any buffoons blush.I mean,firstly,they are ladies.Secondly,they are Malay Muslims.Lastly,thy are clad in “tudungs”.One will assume that such list of characteristics will entitle them to that feminine attribute called modesty.But I guess,it’s something alien.I made a remark to my mum,that Malays when given authority over a set of offices or shops,will act like buffoons.But when put aside,as just assistants,such as an order taking personnel over at an established eatery like Banquet,they become muted idiots.It’s not a marginalized opinion,mind you.All you need to do,is do an observation.Go to perhaps the Banquet over at Causeway Point,and you will note with glee just how subdued the Malay Muslim ladies are.Cause they are not the main features.They are not the cooks.They do not prepare the ingredients.They help perhaps.Or how about going to the Banquet over at Eastpoint,and get yourself amused by the merriment of seeing how Muslim makciks wear the Santa hats over their “tudungs”.Now tell me…this is what we understand as understanding of our faith?Amazing.Has the faith of our community risen to such low pits that we undermine the whole portrayal of our Muslim identity.And there I wondered if a Sikh will wear the Santa hat over his turban?Interesting to note.Or a Jew over his skull cap?So,we,the League of Understanding Malay Union understands this as an “okay” signal,that the community is progressing into that realm of religion understanding?Why is nobody making this an issue to highlight?Recession is about loss of work and money.Depression,to me currently,is about our community losing their zeal for knowledge.I will never understand.

I think the Malay Muslim dilemma is all about their confusion of priorities?Is it religion over culture?Or culture over religion?When it comes to food,the obsession of having a Halal label overwhelms the whole issue of not bothering who prepares the food.Hakz.I know,because,as aware as I am,I fall to that fallacy at times of not bothering.As long as there is a Halal certificate displayed,it’s good for me.Thus we forget our Prophet’s advise about making sure that what we put in our body should only come from known,good sources,which entails the way it’s prepared,how it’s prepared and who’s preparing it.People mistakenly just assume that,it’s all in the meat.That is why,if you were to think of it,why has countries like Malaysia never has to explicitly put the labels of Halal at its eateries?Cause Malay/Muslim foods are prepared by Malay Muslims.In our country,the context it’s a bit different.It can be an absolute torment to even discuss of such things,but as long as the entitlement of Halal certificates create a revenue of income commercially,why not right?I mean,that is what Halal is all about right?Branding!

I’ve digressed.

The point is,I’m sick of reading Berita Harian.I am still wondering how it’s value adding my life.Hahahaha.

The point is,in actual fact,I believe that everybody should start thinking how their 2009 should shape up.

Because there is a saying.Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly,yet expecting a different result.And I don’t believe you want to repeat your 2008 next year.


4 thoughts on “Insanity Of A Sanitized Malay

  1. great post as always.. although “sanitized” means clean right? to describe a noun, the word “sane” should be used as an antonym to insane.. 🙂

    language evaluation aside, i do wonder if we have reached the point of no return.. so many have been blinded and influenced to what happens around them.. can we possibly turn them around and open their eyes..

    may Allah save us all…

  2. I meant it as sanitized to imply the “halal” obsession thingy.The sanity and insanity behind cleansing of things?If there is one at least.Hakz.

    The thing about opening up people eyes is a good proposition though I believe we can perhaps die trying.We can either be two things in this aspect.A trying hero.Or a dying pariah.

    At the end of it all,I’d prefer God having a say in changing them.Maybe something like a landslide.(winks).

  3. there’s a difference between clean and sanitized. Clean is as we all know on the surfaces of the table for example is clean. For being sanitized, even the bacteria which cant be seen by the human eye is being wiped out. So, sanitization is more thorough. Haha…. i learn it from working at McDonald’s!

    Well, i am more open minded as a muslim. I eat stuffs as long as there’s no pork. Of course, how it’s being cooked or did the chicken died by itself are issues aside to consider…. i respect every religion and everyone’s belief. As i am still not married, my religion and my deeds are very personal to myself. Being rational and at the same time being broad minded, i refrain from dismissing other people’s opinions with being easily influenced. I used to think myself as a ‘modern’ muslim. But now, i start to feel the spiritual side of things. Regardless of race, Islam is a way of life. Culture evolved from time to time, i guess it will continue evolving just like life. Keeping a strong faith in our beliefs is that one thing that we should hold on to.

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