Scriptures For The Learned

It’s been a blessed past few days.Full of learning insights.I’ve been sleeping late,as I stared at my 8.9 inch screen watching Dr Zakir Naik provide me with his eloquent proofs of the Quran.It’s funny.I’ve never quite realized just how inadequate my knowledge had been.I regretted not studying hard enough in secondary school.To think that all the subjects taught had a grounded Islamic basis behind them.We’ve been brainwashed in a way to somehow think that Man came from apes.We were told of Darwin’s theory.That ridiculous theory.The funny side to it was that we had to learn this in secondary and even primary school when we were asked to do projects about dinosaurs.

Thinking about it,I was asking myself about the validity of what we had learned all this while.If we were to accept that dinosaurs existed,it means that we are also accepting Darwin’s theory of Evolution right?Simply because we know academically,that the first few cavemen came into prominence a few thousand years after the extinction of dinosaurs.Which sounds ridiculous,when I think about it.Accepting the notions of dinosaurs and cavemen means that I am accepting Darwin’s theory,which is a total conflict with the faith of Muslims and even Christians,of Adam and Eve.Yet,we are still being told that such things exist.Darwin’s radical theory that the world flourishes on that concept of “survival of the strongest”,is also ridiculous,coming to think of it.Cause it just made the existence of planktons redundant.

Another thing popped up in my extensive readings about the authenticity of the Quran.I mean,this sharing is just for the general reading of my beloved readers.Just thought that we,intelligent people,ought to know.Let me pose a hypothetical question.Is it possible for anyone,to humanely describe in vivid details,the events that happened 3000 years before his existence,and then relate that events to the future,which is 1400 years after his demise?Ridiculous you say.Well,unless,you are inspired by the divine Creator himself.Prophet Muhammad pbuh,had that distinction.

Remember Prophet Moses pbuh?When he was being chased with the rest of the Israelis to the edge of the Red Sea,Allah swt had parted the sea so that he and his followers may cross over to the other side.We saw this miracle in movies such as the Ten Commandments.It so happened then that the Pharaoh then,Ramses the Second,chased Moses with his army.And when he attempted to cross the Red Sea,Allah ordered the sea to join back,thus drowning him(Ramses) and his army.Ramses was said to have repented,and acknowledged Allah,but of course it was in vain,as it was too late.At that junction of event,Allah had mentioned,in Surah Yunus Verse 90 – 92:

We took the Children of Israel across the sea: Pharaoh and his hosts followed them in insolence and spite. At length, when overwhelmed with the flood, he said: “I believe that there is no god except Him Whom the Children of Israel believe in: I am of those who submit (to Allah in Islam).

(It was said to him): “Ah now!- But a little while before, wast thou in rebellion!- and thou didst mischief (and violence)!

“This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs!”

And thus,thousand of years later,modern archaeologists found a body.The amazing thing about this discovery,was that,this body was identified as the body of the Pharaoh.A prominent surgeon of the time,Dr Maurice Bucaille,a Frenchman,was tasked with heading a team to do an autopsy on the body.While he was doing his studies on the body,he was astonished to note that the body was preserved in an excellent state of preservation.But funnily enough to his puzzlement,it was not mummified.The internal organs were not removed,and it was not embalmed,the way the ancient Egyptians prepared their dead for the process of mummifications.In the process of his autopsy,he also found residues of salt,in the body,indicating that the body had died due to drowning in the sea.As he was about to present this findings,as “discoveries” in his presenting report,he was shocked to suddenly know that there were scores of Muslim who were already aware of his “discoveries”.He was shocked further when told that the unfolding events/discoveries had been foretold 1400 years ago in the Holy Book,Quran.As an academic,Dr Maurice took the liberty of studying Arabic for two years in order to comprehend the translations of the Quran himself.Needless to say,he was convinced that there was no possible way for anyone to have given a detail construction of his findings on the body.He conceded that the Book was indeed an origin of something Divine.He was so impressed that he went on to research on other faculties of he Quran,such as Geology,Astronomy,Embryology and etc.He presented all his findings in a book called “The Quran and Modern Science”.It started the ball rolling for a lot of things today…

I am presenting this readings of mine,to perhaps just get your interests tingling on the potential of general knowledge available.Perhaps,in the light of information overload,these days,we are more accustomed to recognizing and identifying Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthplace and clubs he played for.Or perhaps the names of Beckham’s children.Or perhaps the scandalous affairs of Paris Hilton.

How much information that we have,are really useful?

Over the past few months,the readings I’ve did had no doubt increased my faith on several things.Useful things that we perhaps never knew and therefore cannot use.Things such as why drinking honey,eating black seeds,eating fig and olive is good for health.

Things such as why when one prays,he is connecting himself with an energy transmission network.Ronda Brynes successful “Law of Attraction” is just a commercial take on “Law of Supplication” for us.Because scientists have reported in a research finding that the Holy Kaaba,we face every single day,emits energy.Or in their words,radiation.As found out from space.

Or useful things such as why when we sujud,we are actually allowing blood to flow to our most important organ,the brain.Or practical things,as to why the Prophet sleeps on his right,as research has shown that it aids breathing and digestion that occurs while we sleep.Or why we wash our hands before eating,as it is logically hygienic.

Or scientific things such as to why iron is a precious commodity.Cause,it’s sent from the heavens,as found out recently by scientists.Or why the Prophet instructs us to eat in the proportions of thirds.A third for food.A third for water.And a third for air.We are not encouraged to eat till we are filled.

I’m mystified actually by the wealth of knowledge found in the Holy Book.

“This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs!”

I think it’s justifiable when I say that the lives we lead are just history lessons for those who survive after us.Don’t you think so?

So,the decision to either be the Pharaoh or a learned man is entirely up to us huh?

I like what Dr Zakir Naik mentioned about the Quran.Although the Book had numerous times proved the scientific claims of modern science,it is not a Book of Science.He said that the Quran is a Book of Signs.

Signs for who?


…and me.

As a footnote,I’m suggesting that you YouTube the name Zakir Naik and watch ALL the related video.If it does not increase your knowledge and faith even a bit,I do not know what will.For an even academic insight that you can download on your mp3s and listen to as motivational tools or read free ebooks,Google Harun Yahya.You will not regret it.

Happy learning and sharing my brothers and sisters!


4 thoughts on “Scriptures For The Learned

  1. brother… very useful and interesting information for me… thanks for your sharing….

    do you know if the book “The Quran and Modern Science” can be found in libraries or something?

  2. Never came across the book here in our local libraries.But,there are scores of books these days,that discusses about the findings of the book.Better still,it comes with photographic evidences.

    I believe that when you read such books,all your years of studying,will make sense.

    The part that will make sense will no doubt make you a thinker.

    Happy searching bro.

  3. Intriguing find bro. I think I shall look such things up as well. Think it’s better to read than the tons of so-called “best-sellers” that people hawk these days…

  4. hey guys i managed to read the book online! Yes online, and it’s free to make copies of it. Short book around 40plus pages i think. Really useful for my search for strengthening my faith in Allah.

    Thanks again jaz. .

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