Fear What You See

I truly do not know if my last entry had served to put that thought into the reader,that Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park was all made up.Was sitting down today,and just thinking if I had any reasons to believe that dinosaurs did not exist.Or did they?But certain things came to mind to just raise my doubts.

1.Islam never discussed about their existence.Neither were they mentioned in verses or hadeeths.At least to my knowledge that is.

2.How come dinosaur fossils are always found in deserts,barren areas or somewhere we rarely heard of?Why not in Hollywood?Why not in Mecca?Okay,there is that theory of Earth having only one gigantic tectonic plate,before it broke up.Still,it does not serve to explain why the fossils are found in all areas,that we least expect.

3.If Adam was sent to Earth to act as a Khalifah,to manage the affairs of Earth,then dinosaurs cannot come before Man,right?Management of Earth entails plants and animals.

Just wondering.Enlighten me,if anyone could.

I’ve been brought up to believe a lot of things which I never questioned till now.Things like,

1.UFOs always seem to appear over America.

2.Aliens never liked to abduct Malays.(They sure know we are not that intelligent enough to be dissected upon)

3.Aliens had visited us in the past,and they were the superior race,teaching Mankind absolutely nothing.

4.If contacts were to be made,they will approach the US president.

…and etc.

I always had the fascination for such mysteries.Until my enthusiasm were extinguished after reading a book explaining everything about UFOs and Bermuda Triangle and Dajjal and the Devil himself.Fanciful stuffs I know,but it made interesting read.And at least it made me appreciate the nature of mysteries.

In brief,the book came about in two editions.If you go to Toko Warisan,look for this book call “Berdialog Dengan Jin Islam” by a man called Isa Daud.I read his book 5 years ago and it’s still in print,so it definitely is good,I believe.

The book describes a series of conversations between the author and a djinn.A Muslim djinn that is.This Muslim djinn shared a glimpse on his world,like how they had races,genders,religions and communities.Just like us.But as we know,we cannot see them.Anyway,this djinn took the liberty to explain the involvement of his kind in several areas of humankind,which we deemed as mysteries.He explained about UFOs,being the work of his kinds,or rather the work of the Iblees,who sent forth his armies.He explained,that the disappearance of ships over the ages were results of the devils,as the deep sea was the abode of Iblees and his minions.And of course it tallied with the Prophet’s hadeeth,saying so too.The djinn also explained that his kind could take the form of creatures,which explains the depictions of aliens.Things such as ghosts,were all the work of djinns,as they were able to manipulate their shapes and looks.

Reading that book,totally influenced me.I used to be scared of ghosts,and got mystified by them.But since the secret is out of the bag,I see no reasons to fear them.Just think of these funny permutations of ghosts.

1.For Malays,we have Hantu Galah,Hantu Lilin,Hantu Gulung,Hantu Raya,Hantu Laut,Pontianak,Toyol and others.Look closely at the relations and context of the ghosts.All kinda related to our rich culture and household items right?So now we know,that djinns intensify people’s fears and magnify and manifest them into such depictions.

2.For Chinese vampires,they hop around in robes.Whilst our Malay version,hops around shrouded in white cloth.No accounts of Indian ghosts hopping around because it is in their culture to cremate the dead.For Western vampires,they are as sexy as Robert Pattison.

3.The zillion ways of warding ghosts off.Nails,salts,earth,marbles and others.What am I getting at?People of the olden days,who were not aware,were led on to believe of such things.They equipped themselves with nails rather than the recitations of Quranic verses.

4.Now we know that dead people can never come back.Even if they appear,it is merely a sighting of the qareen,or what we can term as our doppelganger.And qareens are the kind of categories as djinns and devils.

…and what about the Bermuda Triangle?

It’s in the book.Too lengthy to elaborate.But at $12,it’s a bargain.It’s a thick book though,and there are very interesting things to note.I’m not vouching for the authenticity or relevance for the details,for such knowledge are still best left to Allah.But what I took away from the book,was the priceless thirst for knowledge in the Unseen world.Just because we cannot see air,does not mean we are not breathing them right?The same case goes for the depictions in the book,as it explains in detail,the effects of such a “civilization”.

It’s rather unfortunate that we are not blessed with the faculty of being able to see such worlds,like Constantine.Then again,we may not have the strength to withstand such visuals.But,it sure will make a great spectacle in debunking Darwin’s theory of existence.Let him explain that.

The amazing thing about faith is that,it’s ingrained in us.Our 6 pillars of Faith all deal with the unseen.

1.Faith in Allah

2.Faith in His Angels

3.Faith in His Prophets

4.Faith in His Books

5.Faith in Good and Bad Fate

6.Faith in The End of Days

…seeing is believing they say?But what is there to be seen with all the above?One cannot see Allah,Angels and so forth.But that’s where the beauty of it all lies.In the thinking man,he does not need to see,to know things exist.He just needs,to place his palm against his chest to realize that there is an order of things that’s making his heart beat.That there is an order of things such that he is breathing.That there is an order of things that allows him the faculty of reading all this.It takes no Einstein to realize that even the ants,crawling at our feet,thrives.

Amazing.If everyone thinks like this,the djinns will definitely try harder at making us believe that a “pocong” believes in hopping its way around.Because they know that you,usually fear what you see.Or should you?

You usually fear what you see…think about it.


7 thoughts on “Fear What You See

  1. If you happen to read the book,it is not humanely possible for anyone to speak directly to djinns.(Unless one is Prophet Solomon of course)

    He spoke to the aforementioned entity through the medium of a human,which we are of course aware,possible.

    Personally,I do not take wholly,the content and context of the book.Because the faculties of discussions between djinns and humans can be misleading.That is why,taking reference from djinns are not permitted as they have that natural inclination to mislead.(reference from the book Ruqyah,written by Wahid Abdussalam)

    But,the informations declared in the book do provide a comprehensive and cohesive look into the nature of an unseen world.I am akin to believe in information declared with basis of Quran and Hadeeth,which the author denoted in his book.

    It beats watching locally produced video clips,like Entity or Wujud,to substantiate such unseen evidences.

    Whether,Isa Daud is a trustworthy authority or not,I will leave the judgment and good understanding of respective individuals.The rest of it,I’ll leave to that thing called,knowledge.


  2. Hi!

    This is with regards to the existence of dinosaurs (or any other things not mentioned in the Quran).

    Islam never teach to deny things that were not mentioned in the Quran (or by any prophet) as “proof” of its non-existence. In fact, many passages in the Quran pertaining to science repeatedly tells us to “ponder at the heavens and earth”, reflect on its creation, reflect on how the rains come down, reflect on what’s in them etc.

    In other words, God is telling us to go and think about them, and after we found out on how they were created, how they work etc etc, then “these are the sure signs (ayat) of God”. That’s why in Islam, we don’t need miracles.

    Another explanation could be that God decided to put them there as crude oil for our use, millions of years later? How about the plenty of bacteria that covered the whole of Earth’s oceans millions of years ago, which released sooo much oxygen, it practically replaced the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere with the new gas…for our use perhaps?

    Hope this helps. 🙂

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