Crying Out For A Leader

Who'll help him?
Who'll help him?

I’m still crossing my fingers.Waiting.Malaysia’s Prime Minister,has already issued out an official statement criticizing the Israeli’s attacks on the borders of Gaza.I’m still waiting.And waiting.It’s already past the first day of Muharram,and yet not a single televised account of a MUIS official,or Malay Muslim leader,saying something.A comment perhaps?None.

Indonesians had already sent their First Aid teams to Palestine.Their streets have been thronged with protests.Malaysian blogs have already been filled with comments.I’m still waiting,for an example from our community leaders to say something about the way their brothers and sisters in faith are being slaughtered.Or wait.That’s international and foreign affairs by which we have no jurisdictions to comment on.Is it?


Once again,our community leaders choose to stand by the invisible fences and watch.I am only half expecting that this coming Friday’s sermon will be littered with prayers of condolences.That’s all we can do as Singaporean Malay Muslims right?Be the passive,pragmatic and ever observant prayers of goodwill.

Kai had written in his entry a few days earlier about the probability of World War 3 ensuing,with India and Pakistan’s saga and now Israel and Palestine.As I reflected on the entry,I just wished that more men will be as observant and far sighted as he is.But obviously it’s a contextual wish,for even the most observant genius sitting here in the heartlands,will never be able to do anything,except whine about it.Which is what I am doing.

I hope that in years to come,someone will stumble upon this entry,be instigated to be a proactive Muslim,and initiate a humanitarian and peaceful movement to liberate Muslims all around the world from the stigma of being an oppressed faith.

The point is,I wonder if our Muslim brethren are even aware of our heritage.The need to liberate our image should not be something passive.Just look at media biasness in its connotations.Nowhere was the word “terror” or “terrorist”,found in the same sentence,with the Israeli bombings.And Israelis have the cheek to mention that it was an act of self defense.If any countries,which has its members,having the slightest relation to Islam,are linked to carnage,media bandwagons are quick to roll out with the expletives of “terrorism”.

As what Dr Zakir Naik had mentioned,one should not look at a religion’s followers to comprehend its ideals,as at times,it may not be reflective and indicative.Theologians and geniuses have long debunked the myth of Muslims being linked with terrorists.The image of a Muslim carrying a sword in his left hand with a Quran in his right,is at best an image drawn up by ignorant fools.And yet,Israelis glorify their bombing ventures as,acts of self defense.May Allah curse their follies.

Unfortunately,there is not a single Muslim country worthy of emulation.To stand up as the face of Islam,in making sure that the chastity and dignity of the faith,is not molested and raped by the League of New World Order.Turkey?Iran?Iraq?Saudi Arabia?Kuwait?Egypt?2/3 of the face of the world was once under the Caliphate,but now,not even one country is willing to put on a concerted effort of aid,in this act of “terrorism” by Israel.

I sigh with resentment,at what has so far been a successful campaign for the ruling elite of the world,who had once formulated the strategy of “divide and conquer”,in its effort to eradicate the unity of the Caliphate.Not only are the Muslim world divided by the governance of politics,boundaries of continents and ruthless ambitions,they have to content with segregation of beliefs,within the religions such as Sunnis and Shiahs.It is so plain for one to see,just how easy it is to exploit the divisions and conquer them.It’s by no means a stroke of tactical genius to understand that,any entity when divided,will be easily suppressed.

There was a book written,discussing about the reasons as to why the Muslim world is now plagued by such conquests.History is rich with the various vendettas that were held against the Muslim world,and I read its pages with disdain by the sheer magnitude of the plans.From the Zionist protocols to the Bush’s family legacy of creating a New World Order.From Attaturk’s mission of secularism to Saddam’s demise.

And all we do,is watch the news.

What the Muslim world needs,is a leader.In the caliber of our Prophet pbuh.Not a wealthy,sitting on oil Arab.Not a nuclear laden country like Iran.Not an Islam Hadhari led system coping with social conflicts.

For example.a country like Singapore,needs its Malay Muslims to be a breed of forward minded,progressive society.A group that is not standing on that deserted island of delusions that says,that academic success and low divorce rates are KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of society progression.In a peaceful country such as ours,it should be rather conducive for a society,that aligns itself with the Quran and Sunnah to excel.Instead,we stand on that brink of self adequacy that what we have is good enough.Fine.So what?

Every single day we are,attuned to the calls of excellence.

Hayya Alal Falah – Onwards to Success,in our daily adzan.5 times daily.

Are we onwards to success?

This is a personal comment and observation.The disease of self adequacy and self comfort has permeated within the society.My proof?During the congregational prayers,you will easily find gaps within the saffs/lines.I have so many times,been given the “evil look” by participating jemaahs,when I try to pull or indicate to them to close the ranks.As much as possible,they will want to avoid having their shoulders touching each other.As if everyone was suffering from leprosy.I mean,what the hell?That’s the surest indication of fragility in a unit.The unwillingness to “stick steadfast to each other” in the name of personal comfort and space.I miss those days,when just before the prayer ensues,someone will just walk around to make sure all the gaps are filled and everyone is close.I had those at Al Muttaqin mosque,when this old caretaker used to do it.Bless his soul.I believe such things are rather important as it build the foundations of a society.Do not even talk about progression,if brotherhood cannot be instilled.

We need leaders who can instill back that culture of brotherhood and unity under the banner of strong Islamic practices.And no I am not talking about issuing “halal” certificates.I’m not talking about leaders who issue out decrees banning yogas or organ transplants.I’m talking about a global thinking Muslim,who grounds his faith on Islam and leads with examples of the great Prophet.I’m talking about leaders who come from the small holes of HDB flats,who guise themselves under the roles of fathers,sons and husbands.

Kai mentioned in his recent entry about wanting to get in touch with reading the Holy Quran.I say,you should bro.And this advise goes to me,and anyone reading this entry.You’ll be astounded at the immense amount of practical insights.Because I’ve been doing my own dedicated reading of its translations over the past months,and believe me when I say that,it beats the hell out of any motivational book you can ever buy.A book that discusses the past,the current and the future.And just to wet your appetite,here’s a tip.Empty your MP3 players,or just put a 1G memory card onto your hand phone,Google for Quran recitations by Fahd Al Kundury

Then download all the available recitations onto your player or mobile,buy a $10 Quran translation from Muslimedia at Kembangan,and you will be on your way to a much improved 2009.Insya Allah.

Cause,if you spent just 10 minutes in the morning before setting off to work,listening to the recitations and concurring reading the translations,you have just enrolled yourself in the best self improvement program on Earth,and on your way towards becoming a better leader.Repeat that at night,just 10 minutes before shutting your eyes to sleep,and definitely the quality of your life will be better.The reciter for the is my current favorite reciter by the way.A Kuwaiti Imam by the name of Sheikh Fahd Al Kundury.It’s just beautiful,believe me.Especially on Surah Dhuhaa.

Anyway,the wife had been asking,why I’ve been blogging about such things like Islam lah,leaders lah,Muslims lah and so forth.My answer?What else can be worthy of discussions?My life?It’s interesting,yes…but sometimes,I will rather discuss on general issues,so as not to get trapped in that circle of self obsessions.Heh.Besides,I’m just paving the way for an interesting discussion later about how I will want to be a father.Euuuurgh.(I hear groans.)

So ladies and gentleman…it’s the month of Muharram.1430 years have passed since our beloved Prophet made his blessed and momentous hijrah,in setting the foundations for a religion that is syumul (holistic) in nature.Our brothers and sisters over at Palestines wake up with a mix of fear and hope,whilst we blanket ourselves with gluttony,greed and contentment.Let’s all put in a resolution that we shall extend in our daily prayers,that may Allah pave our way towards Hayya Alal Falah.Let’s unite on that one unconditional unity of faith and pray that the lands of our brother and sisters be liberated from the tyranny and evil doings of oppressors and their kins.That is the very least we can do.

And let us pray that may there be leaders,taking on the catalytic nature of Islam to lead the community into the realms of excellence,and be a symbol of Khairah Ummah.

I’d like to leave you with my fondest wish of Muharram.May Allah bless our paths of singular Islamic entity.Enjoy this vid.


One thought on “Crying Out For A Leader

  1. Impeccable as ever bro.. Yeah.. I’ll start connecting myself to my religion soon.. I’ll make it a point to work towards becoming a better Muslim.. I’m still weak.. Find it hard to fight temptation sometimes..

    I’m deeply saddened by what’s going on in the Middle East.. In a way, I’m ashamed at the things I lament about every single day.. I think there is a need to be thankful of what we have and make the most out of our every living moment…

    It scares me to think of what my answer will be when Allah asks me what have I done for my fellow Muslims…

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