Spare change anyone?

I’ve got some serious mental tuning I need to do.The creaking knee has consumed a considerable amount of storage percentage in my brain.Earlier in the afternoon,I had visited the physiotherapy center in front of my office,to just have a survey.To my dismay,the charges were exorbitant.Fifty bucks for an hour of knee tuning.Sigh.To complicate the evening,I found out to my horror that I had forgotten the knee guards,needed to hold that part of the limb,for my evening soccer session.I was proven right.My thoughts bested me.I struggled during the game,because I kept visualizing a busted knee.Darn.The powers of positive focus eluded me today.Truth be told,I knew that I probably did not need the support of a guard that much.But the psychological leverage it secured me was just too huge to give it a miss.The knee guard has become my losers limb.For now at least.That is till I see Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s knee surgeon.

I just cannot help it but,I have to put in an opinionated take on the recent entry Kai did,about a common friend of ours,who had just lost the love of his life,of four years.To cut a short story long,I had always wondered the schematics of his relationship.Why, you ask?Cause this particular friend of ours,is not a jerk.Unlike say,yours truly or yours truly best friend.Anyway,what God forsaken she devil would have instigated the woman to call off a relationship,with someone who’s not a jerk.Heh.I have no idea actually,and I will not speculate.To get a semblance of the emotions the woman may be feeling right now,I just had to let my itchy fingers mouse over to her blog site.The reading of her entries intrigued me.because I caught a glimpse of what goes through a female mind.Or at least,what I think might be.So,this woman,a good woman anyway,refers to this friend of ours by the third person perspective,without the name.In it,she cited,or rather implied some exchanges they had.In summary,I feel that my friend here,(the man),is a dimwit.Okay.Was a dimwit.Whether he still is,I hope not.Dimwit cause,

1.He did not listen to me and Kai

2.For still not listening to me and Kai


Anyway,there is a valid reason why he’s worth an entry today.Whilst I was in the office today,I had a lengthy conversation with my secretary,as no one was around obviously.My secretary knows my friend,too,as he had a brief stint at my company as a financial planner.Some of my colleagues knew him too as I had introduced him before.It’s interesting that all of them,had the same first impression of him.(without my instigation mind you,cause they queried me).All of them were asking,why he had this particular quirkiness.There are two types of quirkiness in this world,

1.One that makes you feel sorry for them

2.One that makes you ask God what wrong have you done,to deserve a conversation with them.

My friend falls in the latter category.He’s a nice bloke,no doubt.But something about him sticks out like a sore thumb.I think it’s something to do with his “look” at life.Sometimes,I get the impression that he is a natural pessimist underneath all that layers of optimism.Who’s not?But,it’s dangerous when it becomes a life philosophy.Interestingly,even senior members of my soccer team,is trying to understand him.And I love that quizzical look,when people ask for his age,and when told,they’ll say,”He does not act like one.”And it’s not a compliment,for sure.

I have a soft spot for the current predicament he has with his love life.He’s a nice guy,no doubt and he deserves better.But that is the problem.The woman felt that she deserves better too.It’s her entitlement anyway.So for her to call off a relationship and perhaps find solace in another in a space of weeks,should never be questioned.The question that I will like to ask my friend though,but I will never bother to,is,“What do you want?”.

4 worded question.Simple.But I’ve seen academics and geniuses blabber their way out of it.Cause truth is,there are a million things that we want.The simple part is knowing what you want.The hardest part is identifying,which are the wants,you want the most now.So if I can ask,I will ask him that.But I’ll bet the last strand of hair on my leg,that if I were to ask him further on from that,and he cannot answer,he will end it off with that pathetic,”At least I…blah,blah”.You know that “At least I know what I want,at least she loved me for 4 years,at least I got my bike.”The phrase “At least” burn my ears like the phrase “Hard luck”.Enough about him.At least he can say one day that he was featured in my entries.Hard luck for me.

A conversation I had with a taxi driver the other left me bemused.The uncle,amidst his projectile spits,was discussing with me on the ridiculous ERP gantries being put around the island.I concurred with his sharp logic.The uncle said that the policy of putting gantries was to reduce the amount of cars.Initially that was the idea.To put off would be owners from driving and therefore taking public transport.But the uncle said,that it is a flawed system,because the system is not eradicating the root of the problem,which was the buying of cars.Or rather the importing of more cars into the country for people to buy.Why is the root not nipped off,he says.It’s because the Certificate of Entitlement actually creates revenue for the country.Sharp deduction.Then he brought me along the lines of analogy.How?By stating that the current campaign of prohibiting smokers from smoking everywhere was yet another dubious example of a policy so wrong,yet appearing so right.Why?Cause the problem is not where smokers smoke.The problem is,why is there even something to be smoked in the first place?Interesting deduction,Inspector Comfort Driver.He said that the powers may be can with ease ban cigarettes,the way they ban gums.Chewing gums.But,that’s the interesting thing.What revenue is there to be gain from gums taxing if compared to cigarettes?Hahahah.Brilliant uncle.He keep citing that being in his 60s,he knows all there is to know about a country’s policy making.I will not argue on that fact.It was an informational taxi ride.I’ve always believed that the most intelligent group of people in our country are not the policy makers.It’s the taxi drivers.

This morning,I read an interesting excerpt in Berita Harian.The article was talking about Hijrah and its implications.There was a verse quoted in it,which I cannot quote here as I do not know the verse,for now.What I do know is that it discusses about that commonly discussed theme about God will not change the fortunes of the people until they strive to change it first.I’ve always heard this verse so many times,especially during my secondary school years,when my Malay teacher cited it,as a means of reminder.But the quoted verse today caught my frame of thought,because I realized the full content and context of the verse.Oh okay,I’ve found the verse.It’s from Surah Ar Rad Verse 11,

For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.

Interesting huh?

Cause I realized with the clarity of His blessing that the formula of success,is already endowed on all of His creations.So the concept of fate,as stated here,is still within that context of being able to be improved upon.He states,that He will change a condition/fate of an individual,only with that provision/condition that one strives/works to change in in the first place.That in itself eliminates those idiotic statements of people,who say that their bad states in life was willed upon them.This verse taught me several things,

1.The concept of accountability.(Your fate is still within your grasp)

2.The concept of security.(Allah assigns two angels to guard you.What else can one ask for?Who else can one turn to?)

3.The concept of change for improvements.(Allah being the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful surely do not expect one to change to becoming worse,right?)

4.The concept of free will.(How can one change without the initiation of free will?)

5.The concept of action.(How can change be initiated without actions?)

6.The concept of change.(An internal change will result in external results.Change oneself,and Allah will change one’s conditions.)

It ties in sweetly with that statement,which I now believe may have originated from this verse.

“You cannot change the world.But you can be the change.”

I think I can do that.Be the change.

For a change,I think that’ll be better.I’ve spent 2008,trying to change things…

Spare change anyone?


2 thoughts on “Spare change anyone?

  1. Ah. I remember that teacher of ours. Good ol’ Mr. Rahim. May Allah bless him and his family. Funny how so many of our classmates chose to make fun of him and other teachers when they always teach us important things. Call it belated wisdom. When you’re so young, you never want to listen to old people..

    So now I’ve found a new phrase to irritate you on the pitch. When you miss a good chance, I’ll say, “Hard luck!” and then when you’re really steaming, I’ll say “At least you had a shot on goal!” Hahah.. I can’t wait for the fun..

    I suppose that verse from the Surah destroys the saying, “Ignorance is bliss”. It reminds me of some parents of my parents that I meet. Our people who say “What can I do, maybe this is the fate that Allah wills onto my family.” I so resent that. Why blame Allah for the hardships that you face in life. Above all else, it is a test from Him to us. How do we react in the face of adversity. Do we sit and let it be or do we strive to change the state of our lives.

    Unfortunately for many, they choose to blame fate. Qada and Qadar.. Haiz.. I hope I don’t come across such parents too much this year..

    I hope all of us would hijrah to a better life this 2009. Especially this common friend that we have. We may be jerks but AT LEAST people can figure us out… Hahaha..

  2. hey is that common friend u guys talking about in our soccer team???

    oh no…. i have one current suspect but i hope he is not the one i am thinking about….

    hahah … anyway.. i do have a close friend almost similar to him… they just need some close friends to be a listening ear when things dont go well, but to my friend at least i can say, he’s only concerned about the girl he loves.. whether there’s still hope or not, he HAD problems getting over them… but when things go well, somehow he dont talk much to me anymore…

    i was pissed because i used to try so hard to give him the best advice… haha… after some time, i realised that he never listens… so ‘HARD LUCK’? no way… as a friend, i am glad i did my part, but i even bother wasting my breath speaking too much to someone who wont take it to good use… then on, i only ‘give’ as much as how a friend ‘gives’ me…

    u know..’value those that value you’ except those who have nothing or nobody else and deserves your attention…

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