Consistent Contrarian

And so.Obama has been sworn in as the 44th President of the great nation,that is the United States of America,whom by chance had asked Hamas to stop attacking Israel.A statement by Condoleeza Rice urging the Hamas regime to stop the violence against Israel.whom by chance had only 13 people reportedly killed,whilst the Palestinian people had only about a few thousands killed and a few thousand others wounded and dying,as medical help is slowly inching its way into the area.Great nations like Israel have weird ways of dealing with “violence”.They either defend by releasing jet fighters against ground troops.Or they defend by spraying sulfur,as reported in the news.Either ways,they are defending themselves.And so they say.

I hope that Obama’s newly installed cabinet will do something.Then again,if you were to follow that contrary ideology of a conspiracy theorist,like myself,you’ll probably say that the Obama cabinet is just just another front line for the “behind the scenes” government,made up of a super league of extraordinary international bankers. Yupz,you heard me. It’s bankers.The same group of people who are reportedly,behind the catastrophic fall of the economic markets.Thus,if you follow the logic of that theorist,you know that the establishment of any state leadership in America,is just to facilitate the continuity of a grand old plan of creating a New World Order,that has once been admitted by Senior Bush to the council of United Nations.So,what does that make out for the typical Malay in you and me?


There are some who,probably have this inclination to forward text messages urging the Muslims around the world to boycott,say establishments like Mcdonalds and Starbucks.Or there are some who,probably urge us to recite a certain prayer,a specific amount of times.There are times when I receive such messages and I wonder aloud,”Will it make a difference?”

When I showed my friends the messages I received,asking the boycotting of establishments like Mcdonalds,I receive a common response.”It’s just a competitor’s way of establishing the market!”It’s like saying that Kentucky Fried Chicken or Hajah Maimunah has decided to do guerrilla marketing.I certainly do not have that desire to check up whether Mcdonalds or Starbucks is indeed in cahoots,financially supporting the Israelis.My guess is,probably not.But I do know that if I were to step into a Mcdonald’s outlet,the immediate greetings will be from a Malay lady clad in headscarf.Economically,if I were to perhaps stop eating my share of Bic Mac,I am also contributing to the indirect unemployment of that Malay lady and the board of people sitting in a council,issuing out Halal certificates.Because,let’s face it,such messages reek of ignorance towards the core issue,and that is,the lack of economic power in the Muslim world.

But then again…

Just weeks earlier,a billionaire Sheikh decided to wake up from his sleep,and issue out a statement of intent,about buying a devout Christian footballer by the name of Kaka for the price of in excess $100 million pound for his football club.I’ll cut my hands off if I’m wrong,but let us safely assume that this Sheikh is a Muslim.He has a Muslim name.He’s of Arab descent.He must be a Muslim right?So what God damned devil possessed him,to spend in such manner?Although the deal was called off,it still did not make sense for me.Where is the financial leadership?Everywhere,Muslims are crying out for financial aid,and there you have one,individual,a billionaire by profession,wanting to spend his Monopoly currencies.

Anyway,just a week earlier,I had attended a preview for a leadership program,that will be conducted at the end of the month.It’s an Indonesian developed program that manages to instill self development with the guiding principles of Islamic values.Anyway,the conducting trainer for this preview was a lady,who had been in the self development arena for over 10 years.However,in her own words,the involvement was centered around the Western and secular perspectives.She was right now inclined to develop and spread such programs form the Islamic perspectives,as she wanted to contribute to the community.I applause her noble intentions and efforts.

However,during the course of the preview,I noted several personal perspectives.Firstly,she excitedly claimed that in her course of helping people with their lives,she encountered a lot of married couples.She then had this sense of pride in stating that she is a marriage counselor.But she followed that statement with a nonchalant word of she being a single lady.Not yet married.And she’s a marriage counselor.Interesting eh?Then she digressed even further by saying that the options of choosing a partner has grown even stringent after following the program that highlighted the needed Islamic values to be found in a man.It’s her way of saying that she is now a bit more choosy,about choosing a partner.Okay…

Then after a few more presentations,she suddenly veered to an interesting subject.The issue about a man being able to marry 4 wives.I was like,”Oh boy!”In attendance for that preview,were two middle aged couples,one man,an officer at a local mosque and myself,the youngest of the lot.The subject opened up a can of wriggling worms,as everyone seemed to have an opinion of all sorts.The trainer’s opinions were defining.She was of that personal inclination that these days,men should not be entitled to such things as,in her words,are not capable of being equal.She said that the context of the entitlement only applied in the Prophet’s time.And all the womenfolk agreed in unison,as the men of the group tried to sheepishly state their intent.Me?I kept quiet throughout the proceedings,because I was observing an interesting exchange of productive ideas,within the confinements of a room,on a subject which does not change a single aspect of their lives.I was however appalled at the way,such subject was approached.The trainer was entitled to her opinions,but then again,it’s a feminist point of view,which bears no sense of understanding.Let me share with you,my point of view,which I derived with clarity from the perspectives of a known Muslim scholar,Ahmed Deedat.

He was once asked,by a non Muslim lady who was part of a crowd,attending his seminar on the Bible and the Quran.This lady asked about the relevance and the context of the verse saying that Men are permitted to have up to four wives.Because she was not in agreement with it.Ahmed Deedat with the calmness and clarity of a learned scholar answered by saying that the whole principle behind it was quite logical.He said that the number of women these days,outnumbered men.And he backed up his claim with the statistics from the UN,that the ratio was in the region of 4 women to a man.This tied in with the verse of the Hadeeth mentioning about the signs of the end of days.Ahmed Deedat then continued by saying that if we were to hypothesized that everyone will find themselves each,a true partner,it will mean that there will be almost 3 other women looking for theirs,as all the other 1:1 ration is fulfilled.Is that a social problem?Of course it is.He then asked about the values of a woman?Ahmed Deedat mentioned that there are those “independent” stance taken,by women who believed in rights.Assuming that the three are willing to then be mistresses to married man,what then is her status in society?Cause,we are well aware that the entitlement of assets when a man passes away,is to his immediate family ie his wife.Thus the status of wife,carries with it connotations of rights,so expounded by women asking for one.I agree on this.Thus,he continued,that a Muslim woman who understands this,will not be in objection of polygamy,because she is aware that what she is consenting to,is actually liberating and helping a fellow woman out in the streets,to rise up the ranks in status that of a wife,entitled to her rights.

In this aspect,I agree with the notion that a woman who blindly objects to the verse,by disagreeing with the context and valid reasoning behind it,is just acting ignorant.Yes,the consensus behind the women’s claims of men not being equal is valid,because I agree that a majority of men are not able to perform this function responsibly.But,it gives no reason for a woman to debunk the verse as not being current.It is even more appropriate now more than ever.A fit and proper Man who is able to conduct himself well as a leader in a family,can do well to save and help the women,who are in danger of having their rights,”molested” and “raped” in the name of “independent women’s rights”.Islam has elevated that rights to that of the status of a wife and a mother.The mechanism of polygamy works,BUT,only on that factor that the Men are leaders in the first place.It cannot be a lust mechanism.It is a social tool put in place to facilitate,a lot of social and moral improvements.I learned a few things from Ahmed Deedat’s reasoning.

  • Should women be overly choosy?
  • Should men make use of this proxy to abuse and misuse his obligations?

We can all do well to perhaps think about the things we say,or send out as messages,before conveying them.Because it carries a moral obligation.Just because we receive info,does not mean it’s the right info.Just like this entry.It will do you good to think about it,and research on the validity of the opinions written here.If you agree,so be it.If you do not,so be it.There are two types of knowledge.

1.Revealed knowledge (from God through His verses)

2.Acquired knowledge (the ones we are needed to think about)

Points to note.

When in doubt about point 1,refer to point 1.

When in doubt about point 2,refer to point 1.

When n doubt about point 1 & 2,refer to point 1.

Think about it.It’s all in the Book!


6 thoughts on “Consistent Contrarian

  1. i quote:

    muhammad was talking to a friend, who asked him: “have you ever considered getting married?”

    “i have,” replied muhammad. “in my youth, i resolved to find the perfect woman. i crossed the desert and reached damascus, and i met a lovely, very spiritual woman, but she knew nothing of the world. i continued my journey and went to isfahan; there i met a woman who knew both the spiritual and the material world, but she was not pretty. then i decided to go to cairo, where i dined in the house of a beautiful woman, who was both religious and a connoisseur of material reality.”

    “why didn’t you marry her, then?”

    “alas, my friend, she was looking for the perfect man.”

  2. Agreed Sri.

    Everyone is looking for that perfect one.Even I,at one point or another may have asked myself,”Could there be the perfect one?”

    Strangely though,the reason why I got married is because the answer sank in.

    Things cannot be perfect,but it can only be better.Like a partner.

    I think that the “perfection pursue” should be debunked by both sexes.This idealistic nature just prolongs that problem of never being contented.

  3. my honest opinion on if the verse in Quran about men being able to marry 4 wives is:

    -women do have a point that the verse was applied at a situation where the ratio of women at that time out-numbered the men and hence, God produced this verse in the Holy Quran. I believe at that time, there were a lot of widows. But, the verse clearly stated that if the men were able to treat his wives equally. Let’s be realistic ok, by having one women in our lives, how many man can honestly gurantee that he will be able to ensure happiness? But to have 2? I honestly think that the verse can only be applied if the same situation arise again. Although the figures today states women out-numbering men, does it create the need for men to marry up to 4? Everyone will have their own answers but if a man is capable to treating his wives equally, i sincerely take my hats off those individuals.

    -Islam is a way of life. I, for one, sincerely believes only in following the Holy Quran. I respect other people’s beliefs and the choice is free for all to decide what is allowed and what is forbidden based on their learnings. On this issue, based just only the Quran, until a day comes that the world clearly consists of too many unwanted females and widows, then only i might consider marrying more than one.

    -For men thinking for marrying more than one: Is that a need? Or is that a want?

  4. Agreed Ayyub.

    The context of that verse is as stated,that only on the pretext that wives can be treated equally.Which is something,I currently cannot see being performed by a typical man.And,also worth remembering that the women in question also knows what is being treated equally means,because equality is subjective.

    I,myself cannot see myself being married to 4 wives.The responsibilities are just too huge.But that does not mean,that such a practice does not work.

    Since Islam is the way of life,it must apply throughout all ages,regardless of situations.I am still of the opinion that the verse is a mechanism for social well beings.It’s not a mechanism for lust,that’s for sure.

    Will it work in countries such as Palestine,Afghanistan?If all the men there were persecuted,and all that was left are women are children,is that not a need then for the surviving men to marry the single women and widows,in order to continue the generations.Then there is an apparent need.If Islam,does not set such a precedent,then the lands of Palestine will probably not even be heard of anymore.

    Thus begs the question.

    Does a man there be needed to judge himself fair,before he can marry again,when there is the pressing issue of women’s life being exploited?

    Heh.Subjective but definitely a thought to consider.

  5. true. like things cannot be perfect but it can only be better, the same goes for people. we cannot be perfect, but we can become better.

    and about men having four wives… i don’t know what to say, except that i will make rid’s life a living hell (for at least 6 months) should he as much say anything along that line. no, make it a year.

    there is no such thing as fairness or equality in life. how can there be fairness or equality in a marriage then?

  6. Well said.And yes,I believe a wife is entitled to give that kinda treatment to a husband should even a whisper of marrying another is even heard.Wahahaha.But,personally,if I were to ever get married again,(perhaps never),I’ll look for a different nationality.Hispanic maybe?Latina maybe?Wahahahaha.I mean,it’s only fair right?

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