The Moon Living Its Life

Live Your Life : TI and Rihanna

I was never a fan of Rap music.But this song caught my attention when I viewed it recently on MTV.Well,Rihanna being part of the setup was one thing though.What captivated me was the theme.You know how the Rap genre had the connotations of sex,violence and drugs.Or about how living in the hood was all about.Funnily enough,this song had all of that and more.I read through the lyrics and found that it had the genius of a poet trapped in a gangster’s physicality.TI,(the singer),apparently had lived through the life of a rapper growing in the hood.And the theme of the song is all about him stepping out of that “road”.He wants to pursue a better life.He spoke of how the “industry” is now diluted with people who are just lost in moral priorities.People who are rich but poor in happiness and satisfactions.He spoke about people bringing a sort of false expectations to the “industry”,with nonsensical comparisons such as cars,wealth and others.

I don’t know why this song is so easy to relate to.For someone like me that is.I don’t live in the hood.I am not a rapper.I am no gangster.But it’s an easy song to relate to,as it highlights several themes.

  • The dysfunctional nature that is of the community.
  • How some can be drawn into it,initially.
  • How some can be lulled into believing that some ideals are right ideals to live by.
  • How some can struggle in that thing called false pretense.
  • How difficult things can be when one tries to be the difference or make the difference.

It sounds very much like a community or society close to our hearts right?

Earlier in the morning,I read a column in Berita Harian written by Pak Oteh.He was highlighting on the issue of how the influential in the society can do well to serve up programs aimed at encouraging the society on several issues.Issues about entrepreneurship or wealth management.He was suggesting that religious scholars and the professionals,combine their various faculties and drive up this suggestion.I read with interest at such ideas.

Truth is,I believe that there are some who might have thought of the same idea.Question is,has it been done?Will it be done?

I believe efforts are ongoing with regards to educating our community.There are some within my age group that is,who has been fervently doing their utmost best at educating the masses within their niche areas.People like Fadzuli,Abuayabul and others.But,at the same time,I believe that there is only a certain limit that their efforts can reach out to.Because I feel that these enlightened few have done what I will term as,”digging the well”.Now there’s a water source of knowledge and value development programs at hand.How do you then attract these masses?Hard thing to do.Cause as they say,”You can bring a horse to a pond,but you cannot make it drink up.”That’s the crux of the matter.The unwilling nature of a few in our circles.Too contented with the status quo.Is it a problem?Yes and no.Yes,because it may set a precedence.No,because,for some,why should they care?

The Negroes in the West,gets my admiration.For a group that was slaved initially,they have now grown into a society that carries with it,a history of accomplishment.Let’s not even mention the works of people like Martin Luther King,Malcolm X or even Barack Obama to highlight their progressions.You can just cite the names of Will Smith,Oprah Winfrey,Halle Berry,Beyonce Knowles and so many others.Even in the music industry,the hip hop and RNB scenes are dominated by the Negroes.Errrrm…not dominated.They created the scene.So what excuse can we give actually,to cite minority or inferiority as reasons for the falter in progression.My associate once mentioned to me about the truth of the matters in our community.We are not dominating our niche areas.By that he meant that the money changing market is predominantly organized by the Indians.Be it Hindus or Muslims.Talk about food,and we are indeed looking for some sort of identity.Nasi Lemak,Mee Siam,Mee Rebus and Lontong so famously made by our forefathers’ hands,are now readily available at Chinese halal joints.Nothing wrong with that except for the fact that we have failed to dominate that area to call our own.Great examples are food outlets such as QIJI,Fong Seng Nasi Lemak,BANQUET,Tong Seng and so many others.So what’s the solution?The thing is…there is none for now.We’ve got to sit down and think of the options.Yes…you.The one reading all these.You and me.I say,someone should start a Malay Muslim Food Association or something along that line.I am not aware of one,for now.

On a lighter side of things,I was on my way home from the shop yesterday night,and I saw the full moon.Resplendent and just pretty.Two thoughts came to mind.First was about an incident,I mentioned to a girl 10 years ago,about how I could turn into a werewolf,if there was a full moon,and bite her neck.That was the lamest attempt at talking romantically.*lol*

The other thought that came to mind was a bit spiritual.I was mystified with the idea of how that moon,that I was looking up to,is also the exact moon,guiding the likes of our Prophet and Saidina Abu Bakar,on that fateful night,of their escape from Mecca..It’s the exact moon that has glorified the nights of warriors and martyrs.It’s the exact moon that bore witness to the birth of the Prophet Isa.It’s the same moon that has shone through the ages without failing in its obligated duties.It was a funny feeling yesterday night.Funny because,I felt so insignificant.Call it,my lack of greatness in personal achievements.If the moon,could say anything about me,what will it bear witness to?A life of normality and mediocrity?What will it say?

A reader commented about my use of obscenities in my entries.I totally agree on that comment,and will take pains to stop it.It’s a habit,and it can be changed.I want to stop it.Bless the soul who took the time to tell me that.It’s just in that obsolete nature of mine to do so.Change you must,Hijazi.

On another note,my Redbacks team won over the weekend.A slender win.I read the thread of comments on the team’s site about how the central pairing players in me and Capt were a bit lacking.I totally agree with the observation.And the question I will have loved to post back was,”So what will you do?”.Heh.The thing was,yes the,central performances were below par.But,if one were to observe with a more acute observation,one will note that,the team’s performance went a notch better,because there were attempts at playing a passing system.The risk of attempting such things,are the loss of possessions and so forth.In social football,one area of weakness will always be compensated by a marked improvement in another area.Thus,we played and created,but will lose possession every now and then.My area of learning was aplenty that evening.Capt told me about “options”,which I agree by in being a central player.And another point for me to mentally note and improve on,is my “vision”.I realized that I’ve been picking out “running” players with my passes.How come I do not see “stationary” players like Kai anymore?It’s a mental blind spot,I will work on this coming week.Another weekly challenge.

On a last unrelated note.I’ve hit my weekly target of closing three cases.Let’s go for 5 Hijazi.

Moral of the Entry: Are you living your Life,like how the song said? Or will the Moon bear witness to you not living yours?


2 thoughts on “The Moon Living Its Life

  1. what? jaz admitting that he needs to improve on his vision? what is the world coming to? hehehe, but it’s true ah.. so frustrating to be overlooked on the pitch.. but when u have a fraction of a second to process a few options in your head, who can blame you?

    personally, i thought the central pairing was ok.. i saw that the wingers were released more frequently coz u and azhar stuck to the gameplan.. kept things simple and moving.. maybe towards the end, you tired and was not that effective.. i do remember azhar pushing up really high in the second half, leaving you isolated in the middle.. and since you are not that defensive-minded either, left the centre a bit soft…

    congrats on hitting ur weekly target.. go jaz go!

    btw, i heard that the moon was really beautiful last night.. it was the closest to earth, more than ever since many years ago.. why did i miss such a sight? so caught up with things nowadays that you don’t have time to appreciate the beauty of Allah’s creations..

  2. i hope to see both you and azhar run the midfield from now on… with games that should add more stability. As i said all along, i always believe that Jaz you play better in the middle.

    Just make sure u take good care of that knee.

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