The Week’s A Beach!

What does Jose Mourinho and me have in common?Aplenty.Good looks,obnoxious charisma and that tinge of arrogance.The only difference could be in that small category of success.Where he had virtually won everything there is in life,I’m still trying to find my niche.The fact is,he probably comes home to his wife,and his wife is probably wondering why people are all hyping about her husband.In her mind,she probably asks,”What is so special about this chap,that women all over the world swoon over w hite haired 40 plus year old man?”I believe the wife also asks the same thing,when it comes to me.Only the people who swoon over me,has the answers,cause even I feel that the thought of being admired is delusional.

I saw a Malay woman and a Caucasian bloke making out in Kinokuniya yesterday.It was so easy to break down the mould of such a partnership.The Caucasian will be a simple dressed man,whilst the woman,will be extrovertedly dressed to bare and kill.By that I mean,ample cleavage and tight skirts that will highlight cellulite filled thighs and buttocks.Am trying to figure out why,in most cases,an Asian will like to explore that sensual pleasure of exposure only with non Asian men.Kinda self damaging don’t you think.One needs the appreciation and gratification of someone from another continent,in order to feel that one’s existence in sexuality is worthy of validation.But then again these cases are far too few and insignificant in numbers.I took notice because I am a busybody.Yes I am,because I noticed that a Western middle aged couple sat in a TCC joint,all modestly covered and still enjoying each other’s company.One man’s meat is another’s poison.

Was aghast the other day,when I went to a local mosque and saw an advert stating a financial program that will be conducted at the premises.A local,well known financial trainer will be facilitating the session.I have no qualms about the session which will charge attending participants,a token fee to attend.I’m just disturbed with the fact,that just two months back,I had presented a preview session for the mosque with the porposal that a full session be conducted for the community.And I did not even name any price.Out of goodwill,and the need to spread the message,why will I need to charge?But this mosque,took the liberty to engage a well known personality.That’s the problem with the local grassroots people,sitting in some executive board.They are as scared and unsure of their standings,as the community they are supposed to serve.Everytime a face becomes familiar to the market,these faces are exposed to the extend of over exposure.Take Suria for example.If one face,is the face,I can bet my whole life,that the face will be the flavor of the channel till the powers may be finally gets bored.Take people like Nurul Aini,who filled our screens 24/7 for the year of 2007 till 2008.Where is she now?No one taking notice.Just look at all the shows on television.In a day,one can view the same face in different roles in different shows.Cannot be a lack of talent right?Suhaimi Yusoff winning Personality of the Year,in consecutive years?Come on viewers.Where is the sense of judgement?Credit to him for the amount of exposure,but can you seriously bring your mouth to say,that he  deserves it because he deserves it,or because he’s the only face you are familiar with.Or how about in the area of finance and economics.As my colleague had mentioned,that the Malay community has found its poster boy in Sani Hamid of Financial Alliance.Which is true.So,what does that make of other people’s opinions and standings in the community?

I had three separate interactions with cab drivers the past week.Interesting lives they lead.One was,an Indian Muslim who chatted me up,and we found a common interest in being fans of Manchester United.Found out that he had two sons who had unique names.Muhd Juan Ryan and Muhd Juan Veron.Thought he was pulling my leg,until he produced copies of their birth cerificates.His wife was of Philippines heritage.Strange people.Second cab driver was a creative driver who offered customization to his cab to suit all sorts of purposes.Meaning that I can book his can for sessions,and he will suit up his cab in accordance with the event,like for example Valentine’s Day,Hari Raya or birthdays.Very creative and enterprising.I took down his number.The last driver was a lady,whose husband owns a coffee shop over at Jalan Besar.An Indian lady.Confident and cocky.She was however a “lady boss” to me.Very commanding and firm.Very colorful characters to learn from.

Oh swell,it’s been a tiring week.No soccer for me.Bad case of knee injury really has put me off.And this time around am not too keen to get back early.Cause it’s a different kinda pain this time.I know my body,and something within tells me that this time around,it’s really,really bad.One week of still walking with a limp,means that I have to look at some options.Like operation perhaps?I still prefer the power of regenerative healing though.I’m a big believer in natural healing.Hope that the knee will work itself out.Some Wolverine powers will help.

Oh yawn…

I actually wanna bitch about the recent movie I caught,”The Watchmen”,but I’ll leave it for my next entry.


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