Hello HALO!!!

Some songs just seem to illuminate your inner being.The flavor song for me this month has been Ahmir’s cover of Beyonce’s Halo.Ahmir throws me back to the ages of Boyz 2 Men and their Motownphilly genre of smooth RnB songs.You know,the kinda that soothes your mind,clears your thoughts and just makes you feel as though you are in another planet altogether,standing beside Dr Manhattan.

The month of March has been relatively slow for me in sales.Not because I was not meeting people.I was.But the sales just seemed to be halted at one stage or another.Well,they say that wealth is best derived from the grace of Allah,and not to be acquired with unnecessary urgency.Hopefully,it’ll be good.

The baby turned one.One month,just slightly a week ago,on the 25th.Am amazed at the rate by which he is growing.He’s growing longer and definitely stronger.His cheeks are now overflowing to the sides,such that you can never see his neck.I’ve enjoyed bathing him,waking up at 1,3,5 and 7 am to make him his bottled milk,changing his diapers,bringing him outside and letting him listen to the chirpings of the “bibirds” and of course just watching him throwing his fits of tantrums.Babies have a strange way of expressing themselves I figured.They either cry out of frustrations or weariness.Babies giggle and smile to themselves.Cute stuff that makes me go “Awwwww”.I’ve been teaching him how to kick an imaginary ball ala Ronaldo,Ribery and Zidane.Hahahah.Baby Fikri has urinated on me for a record four times.Funny that my mum had to tell me how to watch out for “signals”to know if he is urinating.”The “bird”will harden and that will mean,he’s going to urinate!”said my mum.Funny,cause I should know better.I mean,I do have that same set of tool.

I’ve been missing out on watching movies.In the past,I used to watch some movies alone when I was done with my appointments.But everytime I wanna do that,I just have this thought that it’ll be good to bring the wife to watch with me.She’s been cooped up at home and I know that a movie will do her a world of good.I’m gonna try and catch Nicholas Cage’s “Knowing”this weekend.Let’s see if I can strike a deal to have my lovely sis take care of the baby,whilst I catch a show.It’s not that the baby is a hassle,but I am so sure,he will not understand the story line.

Last weekend,I had the special privilege of conducting my Financial Seminar over at Eunos CC.It was a landmark event for me,as this was the first time such a collaboration had taken place between a public institution and a financial institution.I felt a sense of humbled pride,as I had pursued the organization of the event for more than a month and to have it pulled off was a highlight.My colleagues agreed on the fact that it was one of my best presentation yet.I kinda agreed with them.I truly prepared this time around.Even the slides.(knowing how I hated Powerpoint slides).A feedback from a participant summed it up,

“This was the best workshop that I’ve attended.And I’ve attended a few workshops before and yours is definitely the best.May you grow and succeed.”

All in all,there were over 50 attending participants.They were a great bunch to begin with.Attentive and ever ready.The vibes they projected aided me in making the session so much livelier.In fact,the whole affair was highlighted in the Berita Harian,the next day,Monday 3oth March 2009.

The FMQ Team & Eunos MAEC
The FMQ Team & Eunos MAEC


Been a while since I last blogged…

Missed writing and I missed you.


3 thoughts on “Hello HALO!!!

  1. Bravo bro! Glad to know that your presentation has been a resounding success. Sorry for not being able to attend. May this be the start of even graeter things for you.

  2. Oh yeah. I am thinking of catching that movie this weekend as well. If you wanna do a double date (just for the movie), let me know. After that we’ll go our separate ways so you guys can have your quality time. 😉

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