What The Mayans Never Told You

I do not know if you are aware of this theory that the world will end on 21st December 2012!Well,it’s not exactly something new,as it has been the subject of books,findings and researches over the years.In fact,if you were to just Goggle,”What happens in 2012″,you will see scores of discussions in place.I was aware of this late last year when I chanced upon this book on Mayan cultures.As most of you are probably aware of,I am an avide fan of history.Ancient histories that is.Well,the theory goes about to expound on that detail of Mayan calendars.Mayans were an intelligent bunch of people.Discounting the theory that they had the aid of alien intelligence,it did seemed that they were in possession of modern yet arcane knowledge.In fact,I was even more astounded when I watched a documentary on cable last month.In that short documentary,historians actually discovered that the Mayans who had built their temples a.k.a pyramids,had made it such that at a certain point of the day,it will seemed to appear that a giant sanke was scaling up its stairs.Amazing!I watched in amazement as they attempted to replicate the whole event by building a midsize model of the temple,with exact ratios.They then used a torchlight,aligned at the determined angle,at which the sun is supposed to shine on the stairs of the temple.Lo and behold,that as the torchlight(mock sunlight),made its way from east to west,there was indeed a shadow of a serpent making its way up the stairs of the stairs.Subbhanallah!

Back to the Mayans.They had indeed constructed an elaborate system of calendar.They were almost accurate I believe,and by that I mean,that without the technologies of modern time,they were still able to determine the number of days we have in a year.Apparently,the only problem with this calendar is that,it is supposedly ending on 21st December 2012.The end of that calendar.The finito.Thus,arise the theory that maybe somehow the world will end on that fateful day.As I read through the scores of research done,I am akin to partially believe that something big will happen.It freaked me last two nights,as I was flipping through a few hadiths and read the significance of the day of Friday.Big things happen on Friday.For us Muslims,it’s kinda of our big day in a week.Our weekly “meeting” with the Creator is on Friday.And there is a hadith that mentioned that the End of Days/Armageddon will take place on a Friday.So out of madness,Mr Hijazi took out his mobile,scrolled to the calendar and typed 21 December 2012.Guess what day it is?

No prizes for the right answer.

It’s freaky but it’s a theory at best.I do not know if the world will indeed end that Friday,but even if it does not,I can bet my leg hairs that something will happen.A world event maybe?

You know that I am a big fan of conspiracy theories.I believe that fact that the truth is indeed out there,as how Agent Mulder dedicated his entire career upon.I mean,just look around you.When you walk out of your homes,what you are seeing is actually the sum total of billion years of interactions,experiences and evolutions.There are scores of elite people in the world who probably have in depth knowledge of the ancient worlds,and this knowledge is what they use to chart the future of the next generations.The term,”We can learn from our histories” is not just a side say.Call me the fool,but I sincerely believe that there are people like the X-Men.There are people like those in Heroes.There are things that we are unaware of,but it does not mean they do not exist.There are big propagandas done to obscure the truths from the masses.Maybe,as what Dan Brown said in his books,that the revealing of such truths may destroy the fragments of humanity that has been grounded on instigated faiths and beliefs.How else do you explain such an elaborate scheme or fiction,that is of what we know these days?

I believe in Bermuda Triangles.I do not believe in ghosts.I believe in the Freemasons movements.I do not believe in the September 11 fiasco.I believe in the New World Order.I do not believe in the fact that Saddam Hussein was really the evil man the media portayed him to be.I believe that there is a big agenda done up by the Zionists.I do not believe that A&W is still not brought back to Singapore.Heh.

Well,at the end of the day,I do believe in one thing.

That I.Or you.Are really running out of time.I mean,I’m not gonna wait till 2012 to feel that my world will end.Heck,for all I know it can end next week.For the few families who had their share of the rojak at Geylang,it must have felt that way.My empathies and sympathies go out to all the parties that were involved.

As much as I am aware of the implications of such events in our small country,I will also like to implore and suggest that responsibilities be held accountable for those ignorant idiots who wants to pass their ignorant judgements.I was having a meal over at Ang Mo Kio,yesterday afternoon.My usual plate of soto ayam.The stall by which I was ordering from had an Indian stall selling rojak.I noted with sympathy how lacklustre the orders were.I knew the order flow,because I eat there every week.What irritated me,was the conversation had by two Malay Mats,who conveniently sniggered at the commotion of the stall not having customers.They were giglling on the fact that they could also die if they ever had their taste buds,sample the Indian cuisine.They were lamenting at the hygiene of the stallholders.And so many other side comments that just made me lose appetite.I pushed away my bowl of soto ayam in disgust.Not at the quality of my food,but at the quality of general intelligence served up by two misfits.

Perhaps such people,or those who whine and complain,should really be the ones lying down at the bottom pits of the graves.As much as we sympathize with the lady who had a miscarriage,it will be good to also remind her and ourselves on the nature of life and Allah’s will.To whine and lament that her cravings for rojak to be the reason for the miscarriage reeked of ignorance and blame.Sympathies,yes.But be responsible in the words we utter.

I truly hope that the families of the departed victims will not press with legal suits against the stall owner.If they do,I’ll be truly disappointed with the state of community.To pursue the matter even further with the reasonings of closure for the family will really rear the ugly heads of the community,that I’m sure.The stall owner,will have been ridden with self blame and self guilt.The mental torment should end there and he should not be bearing the brunt of misfotune ordained by Allah.One can die form eating stale food at home,so what’s surprising about eating one from a public eatery.Am sure that no one will ever have the intentions of deliberately poisoning the masses.And a Muslim man,in the stall owner,is definitely not one of the.He should be absolved of blame,the hygiene of that market be upgraded and the community to have a sense of closure and give their unconditional support to the food businesses and themselves.

The end of the world can come in many forms.

Micro and macro.

The end of the world can come in unexpected times.

Today and tomorrow.

To the Mayans,they probaby had a calendar.

We have one too…but we are definitely not the Mayans.


2 thoughts on “What The Mayans Never Told You

  1. Just for your info., maybe you should read up and search on the internet about a 12 planet, Sumerian or Babylonian’s ancient text. the date of its coming is something related or coincide to the Mayan prediction. Waallahualam

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