Therapy For The Recessions

When was the last time you cried?Why did you cry?What did you cry over?

I’ve been fascinated by the therapeutic powers of crying.Somehow,the Creator has installed within our bodily functions,the faculty of therapy and inner healing.Why am I talking about crying?Obviously because,my baby cries.As I hold him,every single day,I’m amazed by the fact that Allah hath made crying,the first mode of understood communication.Babies cry,and we adults interpret those cries as a host of things.Discomfort,nappy changing time,hunger,itch,calling for attention and other important things to a baby.As they grow older,such cries are substituted by words.Funny though that even words,still get misinterpreted.

I heard somewhere the other day,that our Father,Adam,when he was banished to Earth had bowed his head and knelt,crying asking for forgiveness from his Lord for 200 years.He was ashamed of his sin.I am ashamed of myself.I cannot even “sujud” for 10 minutes.And I’ve committed more sin,that’s for sure.

When was the last time I cried whilst praying?

Anyway,if you have not listened to Qari Ziyad Patel recite the Quran,I implore and suggest that you do so.Wait let me rephrase that.You must.It will be a blasphemous shame,if you die without listening to the beauty of the Holy Scriptures,recited by this blessed man.It’s so beautiful.The kind of beta melody that will put you into that alter consciousness.Imagine just sitting alone,in the vast plains of the sandy desert,without anything else but your MP3 with the recitations being played.

Just a sample of how you can get the winners of 8 seasons of American Idols,have them sing the best composed song on Earth,and still they will lose to the sheer relaxation factor,the voice above had given through the holy verses.

I hope this short entry,will get you moving to download the MP3s of the above reciter.Believe me,it’s one of the cheapest self healing method you can ever employ on yourselves.Relaxation guaranteed.


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