Can You Book That Book For Me?

Yesterday evening was quite a day.And by that I mean,that I discovered a facet of myself.Was scheduled to have an appointment over at Funan at 1830.I reached City Hall at 1700,right after my session of public speaking coaching with the girls at CHIJ.Several things came to mind as to how I could spend that one and a half hour,but I decided to prioritize.Off I went to have my late lunch at Long John Silver,over at Capitol building.Settled for Golden Deal with two chickens,with coleslaw added.As time passes,I am inclined to believe that either my eyes are failing me,or the chicken that they serve these days are getting smaller.Anyway,it is in my personal opinion,that the coleslaw offered at LJS,happens to be the best in those served at fast food joints.Second best is Tenderbest’s.I plonked myself in one of the seats so that I could face the windows,and watch the world pass me by as I ate.Scores of minahs and mats walked past.Most of the minahs,were eye candy.Visual feast,because it seemed like that they wanted their family jewels to pop out of their tight clothings.Ample cleavages showcased by girls barely old enough,to buy cigarettes.I was pertubed,because I never had those kind of girls whilst I was in secondary.Finished my meal in a record time of 25 minutes,and headed straight out to the building next to Capitol.

There is a particular clothing store there that sells,good and affordable line of business wear.I needed new sets of pants,shirts,socks,shoes,belt,and inner wear.Note the words;I needed them.But guess what?After browsing through on all the needed items,I convinced myself that I can still wear my old shirts and pants,holed pants and underwears and rickety shoes.I convinced myself that I did not need them.Thus off I went to the next building.Peninsula Plaza.I walked past the bookstore,Success Resources,and noted that there was a discount sale going on.Items were priced at 50% to 80% off their original prices.What’s the harm in browsing through the titles right?I do not need a new book.I still have a few at home,that has been left unread.And so I browsed through the titles.One by one.Seth Godin,Brian Tracy,Jeffrey Gitomer,Jay Abraham,Wayne Dyer,Robert Kiyosaki and so many others.My fingers threaded along each pages of the books.I was lost in the world of knowledge.I was a happy man.I looked at my watch and it showed that I still had 30 minutes to spare before the appointment.READ!!!!!!!!!!

By the end of that 30 minutes,I wanted to buy books.Note the words;I wanted.I did not need anymore books.I have hundreds of books at home touching on sales and communication.But no.I wanted some more.Hmmmm,and there was a great teaser.Buy two books and get the third absolutely free!So what did I do?Buy two books,from Jeffrey Gitomer and Jay Abraham and got a Napolean Hill classic for free.A total purchase of $70,became only $49.That’s a bargain.

As I left the bookstore,I chuckled.I was in need of clothes to wear but I bought books instead.What the fish!But that’s me,I figured.I relented to my wants instead of my needs.The problem was,that I could not convince enough reasons to part my money with clothings,which at the end of the day will be worn and washed.I will rather part that money and make sure I am equipped with timeless knowledge.Wahahahaha.

Yours truly cannot survive without reading materials.Deprive me of sex for 2 years,and still it will not make me insane.Deprive me of reading materials for a day,and you might as well put a Long John Silver’s plastic knife to my throat.The pain will be excruciating and unbearable.

I read 150++ books in a year.It’s not a lot,as I know that there are some out there who has an even more ferocious appetite.I’ve read only 6 fantasy novels,1 Malay love novels,3 biographies in my entire life.I’ve grown up with self development and self help books.I’ve only read the fantasy novels from Raymond E Feist,and it was all on his Riftwar Sagas.Each novel cost me $35,when I purchased it at Times,back then.The only Malay love novel was one called,”Lagenda Budak Setan”.It was a book I borrowed on the suggestion of an ex girlfriend.The only Malay book I’ve ever read.Biographies that I read were all the lives of a footballer.Eric Cantona,Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham.Wahahahaha.

My obsession with self help materials stemmed from the fact that I was low on self esteem,at one period of my life.(these days,I’ve got way too much).The first book that got it all started was that golden classic,”Think and Grow Rich”by Napolean Hill.Still remember borrowing it from Choa Chu Kang library,whilst I was working at that mall’s Safe Superstore way back in 1998.That book opened up,the chest of possibility thinking,which I never knew existed then.I followed the materials with books such as Awakening the Giant,Unleash Your Power and others from Anthony Robbins.From that dude,I learned about strategies and methodologies.Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer balanced all that by covering on the spiritual and emotional aspects.Dr Barbara De Angelis showed me how to understand women,as how John Gray did.I then got acquainted with authors like Dr Phil,Mark Victor Hansen and Robert T Kiyosaki.These days,my shout out goes to John C Maxwell,Seth Godin,Jay Abraham and Jeffrey Gitomer and to a certain extent,Donald Trump.I like self help materials that develop the maverick streak in me.Controversial ideas that break the conventionality of how things ought to be done.Seth Godin for example is a revolutionary thinker.In his book ,”The Dip”,he explicitly explained why one should know when his low moments in life are,and to decide at that juncture to quit or persevere.I thought that it was a delightful insight,considering how we were taught in schools to persevere and continue doing what you do,to achieve that “success”.Problem is,such “success”will elude the ones who pursue them.As what Einstein used to say,that in order to solve a problem,one cannot use the same thought level/processes that created the problem.Meaning that you have to look out of the context of the issue.Think out of the box.Brilliant eh?

Oh well,what am I blabbering?

Let me list to you,some of my all time favourite books in categories of developments:

Self Development

  • Think & Grow Rich
  • Unleash The Power
  • Awakening The Giant
  • Notes From a Friend
  • Laws Of Natural Success

Love & Relationships

  • Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus
  • The Game
  • Think & Grow Rich

Sales & Communication

  • Zig Ziglar’s Secret’s of Closing the Sales
  • The Sales Bible
  • The Little Red Book of Sales
  • See You At The Top


  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Think & Grow Rich
  • The Difference Maker

These are just some of my personal favorites.And by that I mean,that I’ve read it more than 5 times,from start to finish.A good book is judged by the amount of new insight you can gather after repeated readings.And these book have been such.

Oh well,I suggest you take a walk down to your nearest bookstore after reading this entry.In my humble opinion,

People may shut your mouth,but they cannot shut your mind.

People may underestimate your ability,but they can never estimate your depth of knowledge.

The best investment in the whole wide world is still on that compounding effect of knowledge.

People can steal your riches,but they can never steal the mind that created those riches.

And these can all be achieved by the simple act of reading a book.

Hijazi said,


“A book a day,keeps the idiot away!”


4 thoughts on “Can You Book That Book For Me?

  1. Great post Hijazi, I personally liked Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the 4 hour work week.
    All of these books really do change your perception of how difficult it really is to be successful and wealthy. I do agree with “A book a day keep the Idiot away” also lol. 5 star post mate.

    1. It was borrowed at National Library. But that’s a while back. It’s hard to get hold of it these days. I tried checking it up. Best bet is to purchase it at Malaysia. You interested in the book? Interesting. Let me know if you find it.

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