Father of all Motherly Theories

Standing in the line awaiting for the shuttle bus,Hijazi,put down his bag on the floor.He flipped through the pages of his recently bought book.Suddenly the silence of the air was shattered by the shrill of a voice behind him,

“Where is this place ah?”

Hijazi turned his head,and saw a bespectacled woman,with a mobile phone in her hand,screaming,

“Where is this place ah?”

Hijazi assumed his Robert Langdon persona.”Where is this place ah?’ sounds cryptic.She continued”,

“I know.That’s why I ask you,where is this place ah?I got a miss call from this number.Where is this place?”

I almost let out a silent fart,trying to supress the laughter building within.Never has Singlish been so perfectly typified.Never has English been mauled to smithereens.There she was,standing just behind me,and she kept barking,”Where is this place ah?”.I could have kindly interjected with,”Madam,this is the shuttle bus waiting bay at Valley Point.”I could you know.But I was too busy,squeezing that silent fart in.It’s murder.Hilarious.

I believe the right sequential phrase should have been,”Hi.I received a miss call from this number.May I know where you might be from?”At least it sounds,a little bit of understood English.Talk about being clueless.

Earlier in the day,something strucked my mind as a good topic for discussion but it has totally eluded me.Sigh.

Oh ya,now I remember.I wanted to just let off some bounced ideas on what I discovered.Something along the lines of theories.Ever heard of this Theory of Determinism vs Theory of Chaos?It’s an interesting point of consideration.Something which may not have been taught when I was in secondary school.Oh why did I learned the history of Singapore when I should have spent 10 years of education learning something thoughtful!

Theory of Determinism basically tries to explain that every cause has an effect that is predetermined.In essence,what it may mean,is that when we wake up in the morning,it’s the Sun that will greet us and not the Moon.Because it has been predetermined by a celestial order.Or something like,when a sperm meets an egg,it becomes a foetus of a human baby and not that of a zealous Alien zygot.Or when you eat,it goes through your aesophagus first before it ends up at that anatomical organ called the anus.It’s been determined.An order of things.

Theory of Chaos is basically that.Chaos.In Chaos theory,a single event has a lot of consequences or factors that may spin off it.The “accidents” of events and consequences as what you may call it.Something like the Big Bang occurence where some academics sought to prove that it is a chemical collision of biblical and chaotic proportion,that resulted in the current Milky Way we are in now.Theory of Chaos thrills students with the factor/quotient/existence of free will.

Interesting eh?

I’m intrigued because if I am to apply both theories on my Geographic Channel limited knowledge,then we are really into something.Explain to me somebody,how the Solar system is arranged in such a way,that the Sun,is not that far and not too near,for our blue planet to thrive.Scientists have agreed that the distance setting Earth and the powerful Sun is such that it provides enough warmth and light to sustain Life,yet not burning and scorching or freezing the planet,like Pluto.And apply Theory of Chaos on the fact that this planetary bodies all travel in their own orbits without even crashing.Theory of Chaos should suggest unpredictability or irregularity in its mechanism,right?So,how come over the course of million of years in existence,the planets have not crashed against each other?

So,am I suggesting that I am a proponent of Theory of Determinism.Perhaps.But Theory of Determinism does not explain,why I can fall in love with 21 people over the course of 10 years.*lol*.Theory of Determinisn does not explain why when I see an ant crawling up the toilet walls,I can choose to kill it by pressing against it,washing it down with a jet of water,spraying insecticide or just letting it crawl its way.Theory of Determinism also does not explain why I can choose to cross the CTE in the morning and pray a car hits me.If someone says,”Well Jaz,there could have been a preceding event that may have caused you to act that way,” I will say, “True,and it still does not explain why a woman can have multiple orgasms from perhaps a single act of stimulation,because Theory of Determinism determines that one cause will affect one effect.Heh!”

Point is,I am akin to having that belief that we are creatures binded by both Theories.Theory of Determinism determines that we all die,while Theory of Chaos may affect that theory by the variants in causes.I think that maybe this both theories sits in well with that verse in the Quran with God saying that He will not change the course of someone’s life unless he changes it himself first.Interesting because that simple verse,holds a deep conclusion to this discussion.There is a course,(Theory of Determinism),that apparently can be affected/changed,(Theory of Chaos).The effect of choices and free will does chart and determine certain facets of your life.I believe that the synergy of both Theories is the one cosmic constant,that has never change.We still associate Sun with Day and Moon with Night.The natural order of Life is determined with good purposes.

Theory of Determinism will do well to highlight that being born and dying are two constants by which no Theory of Chaos can infringe on,yet Theory of Chaos plays a deep role in determining how we live it.Profound huh?I don’t know why this seems just like an interesting subject to share with you today.Wahahahaha.

It seems that we are either subjects or creators of circumstances.And the faster we realize this,the better off we’ll be I’m sure.


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