Do You Know Me Well Enuff?

Facebook has this wacky application where one is able to create a series of questions,designed to find out if people around you truly knows you.It’s that application called”How well do you know?”.It’s wacky only for the sheer fact,that it can set temperatures rising.As typified by my missus the other day,when I posted my very own version of it.It was amusing noting just how berserk she went,when she discovered that she scored somewhere in the 50% region.*lol*.She claimed that the answers that I had designed for the posted questions were “fake”.Meaning that I probably did not mean it.I got the same response from my sister who excitedly claim that I had manipulated my answers,as it was not reflective of who I was.

It got me thinking.

How well do people really know me?Beats me.

In all seriousness,a set of 8 questions is not exactly a great gauge to know if you are really known.I mean there are some set of questions that can be put,and people will know how to answer them.Questions like,

  • How many times has Jaz got drunk?
  • How many girlfriends did Jaz have in the year 2002?
  • What is Jaz’s favorite number?
  • What is Jaz’s favorite cigarette brand?
  • …and so forth.

But apart from the ones mentioned above,I doubt that people truly knows what goes behind this wide forehead of mine.Heck,sometimes even I do not know what goes behind it.

The trick is,in my perspective,is to not know what’s not important about a person.You need to know what is important to that person,and that info is important for you.Then can you really perhaps say,you know someone a little bit better.

Generally,I like to believe that there are facets of myself which I’d love for some people to know and specialize in.As much as it may be desired in other parties,I am still not willing to reveal the essence of what makes Hijazi ticks.Such knowledge is exclusively reserved only for myself,and I believe will stay that way for a long long time.By saying this,am not stating that my wife is not entitled to my true self.It’s just that I am of the opinion,that knowing someone at a 100 percentage level,is totally impossible.Such intimate knowledge can only be reserved for the Lord above.The wish that I harbor is that certain people know me so well enough in certain areas that is entitled for them.For example,some people may say that I am simple minded.They identify with me well enough to draw out that conclusion,because the experiences they had with me leads to such.If somebody comes along and tell them that I am a sex god,they will never be able to identify with that,and by default that rules them out as people who know me well enough.Geddit?

So,it leaves me contented to know that most people do not know most things about me.Nothing that I have to hide about,but it just adds to that little element of surprise.I do appreciate the presence of some souls,like my immediate families,my close friends and enemies,who know me a bit more than what is norm. Such knowledge gives them the unwritten rule of communication and influence on certain aspects of my life.They know me well enough to cite the right words,to project the right emotions and to make situations so much better. These are the people who know me well enough to understand that a set of questions do not determine any degree of familiarity between them and myself.They know me.Period.

At the end of the day,certain souls carry with them,certain facets of my own soul.A day will come and I will no longer be around,to say this,but if all these souls came together and collect all those facets of myself,they can all finally have a good laugh and sit around and exclaim out aloud,

“Aaaaaaah,now we know Hijazi well enough…”

Now,is that not a lovely legacy to leave behind…


2 thoughts on “Do You Know Me Well Enuff?

  1. Heck man, I’ve been your best buddy for decades and even I am stumped when yet another stupified female asks me, “Kai, what is Jaz really like?” I remember reacting to such a query with a quizzical look and a shrug of the shoulders while saying, “I know him the way I know him and that will not apply to you.” Afterwhich I smiled and the asking party looking even more confused and saying, “No wonder you guys are good friends.” Hahaha..

    I suppose people will only let others know what we want them to know. That’s fair isn’t it. You must always keep a part of you to yourself. It’s like a small reality that I can escape to. It’s like a Doppelganger Effect. A world where only you and the other you exist. 🙂

  2. Hmm interesting. You now what…one time I was playing this game called True Colours with a close group of friends. Friends I’ve known for well over 10 years. In this game, we had to answer questions and vote who we thought best describes what. At the same time, individual players were required to put down their own vote according to how they think they would be described by their friends. Playing the game made it very clear – that no matter how long or well you’ve known someone, there will still be discrepancies in the way we perceive ourselves and the way others see us.

    The facebook quiz can’t be too accurate. I think it all depends on the type of questions posed (were they subjective or straightforward?) and whether the ‘right’ answers to the questions were picked because it truly is who we are or simply how we want to present and maintain that image of ourselves to others.

    Heh I hope I’m making some sense. I’ve only taken one psychology module and it has probably messed up my brain a little. Haha.

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