Respectfully Preaching

Let me just get some random thoughts of my head,whilst the lingering stench is still there.

1.Was having a makan session with Kai the other day,and he casually mentioned about a preacher he had heard earlier after his dawn prayers that Sunday.Kai used the term,”fundamentalist” in his casual description of this particular preacher.Was interested to know what could have drove this bro of mine to say such things.Apparently,this preacher had implied explicitly that the pursuit of all things material,ie,wealth and riches was something that should not be propagated.I understand from where Kai was coming from,on this issue,as it was akin to insinuating that collecting riches was perhaps sinful,if in accordance to this preacher’s warped view.

Hijazi’s Opinion:I sincerely attest to the statement that money does not motivate me.Riches do not exactly drive me.Wealth does not make me want to burn the midnight oil.BUT,I can categorically say that the pursuit of such matters are important.Why?For the basic reason that the Muslim world is so much poorer if warped minded preachers as the one mentioned go around advocating such virtues.Look at how the dignity and self respect of Muslims around the world are being raped by the domineering echelons of the rich and famous.It is such preachers that make the fundamental stands of the community so divided.In one extreme you have hoardes of the community hell bent on proving that their MLM products are the Master Key answer to financial freedom.At the other end you have preachers who denounce the pursue of material wealth as just a fallacy.So,Mr Preacher,let me conclude convincingly,that in no way,is your wages paid by some higher authorities like an islamic Religious Hub or something.Let me conclude that you are really pursuing the course of being a daí,on the basis of heavenly rewards.Or are you trapped in that cycle of getting a monthly pay through the good grace of board sitting clerics and goodwill of “golden handshaking” of the community.Perhaps Mr Preacher could convey his message to a few of his esteemed colleagues,who drive Sillicas or Hummers to mosques.Or esteemed colleagues who get themselves on that money generating systems implemented by MLM companies.Because it is absolutely disgusting if you expound to the community on the evils of reaching out to the wealth,just because you yourself,might be having difficulty doing such.

In my financial seminars,I always exert the importance of holding some sort of economic power within your family,community and country.You know why?

  • Explain to me how you are able to fulfill one of the religion’s pillars of giving Zakat,if you are someone who is not in the financial standing to do so?You want to be stuck being on the receiving end of the Zakat?
  • Explain to me how you are going to fund your child’s education,to a higher degree of learnin,so that he will contribute meaningfully to the society?
  • Explain to me what you are going to leave for your family as a legacy when it’s already being ordained to you in the Quran to leave at least a year’s expense for your wife?Don’t tell me that you are going to leave them with that 10 year zero downpayment Suzuki Swift installments?
  • Explain to me the Hadith,in which the Prophet asked us to chase 5 things before they come to pass us,which includes to chase after richness before poverty?
  • Explain to me,why during the ages of the Prophet’s rule,the empire was so well sustained that when the Caliph Omar wanted to distribute Zakat,there were none eligible to receive them,because everyone had enough?Tell that to the tent camping Muslim families over at Changi.
  • Explain to me why in the Prophet’s time,after the war,the Muslims were entitled to the booties of war?Tell me that wealth was not important to the Prophet?
  • Explain to me why individuals such as the Prophet Solomon,Joseph,Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan and Abdurrahman Ibn Auf were all recognized as wealthy individuals in Islam?Are they assured of a place in Jannah?

…and I believe there are so many other simple example you can cite for me to explain the rationale on why the pursuit of wealth is a must.Even so in today’s pathetic state of Muslims.How to liberate the dignity of your community,if such irresponsible preaching is allowed?

I’ve always had that fair share of prospective clients,telling me,that they will need to consult their respective preachers before deciding on purchasing any financial plans.They cited reasons such as whether such things are permissible.They worry about the mechanisms.In short,they wanted to be aligned with the values of a pious,religion abiding Muslims.When they do that,I usually do not pursue the matter even further for I know the light of enlightenment is not on them.Here,in front of them,is a professional educated on the areas pertaining to an important aspect of their lives,and they wanna seek a second,biased and ignorant opinion.It’s just an excuse I know,but I am definitely not that concerned to even breathe a word of argument.Because I would have asked them.

  • If your particular preacher is to tell you that such advice is not permissible, you will not proceed right?Excellent.So,tell me.If the entire Islamic League of preachers and scholars with the valid reasonings from Quran and Hadith tells you that,
  1. TV is not permissible…will you still watch it?
  2. Your aurat(modesty)is to be covered…will you do it?
  3. You cannot miss your daily prayers…will you miss it?
  4. and other simple obligations…can you fulfill it?

So,my take is simple.Do not expound religion for the convenience of an excuse.Because my principle is simple.If you want to use the Book,just make sure I do not use that same book to knock that ignorant head.

Anyway,my point is this.

The pursuit of wealth is never wrong if it’s coupled with the best of intentions,deeds and systems.In fact,it is in my opinion,that the moral obligation of being wealthy should be on a Muslim’s shoulders.On that simple verse that Allah has created a vicerent/caliph on the Earth to manage His earth.Now,do you really think He meant it for someone who is a mismanaged Muslim?

Wealth is very much an aspect a Muslim should look into seriously,and not as just issues of predestined circumstance.In fact there is a Hadith that mentions that there will come a time when wealth is very much needed to perform religious obligations.Allah prefers a stronger Muslim over a weaker one.And in that light too,that He prefers a wealthier Muslim over a poorer one.Provided only on the basis of equality in faith’s strength.

So,Mr Preacher and future preachers,please preach respectfully and with clearer insights for the benefits of the society.Do not be a generic model of mediocrity.For every salary paid preacher here,I know that there are a few thousands out there preaching the same thing,only for the blessings of Allah.So place your mouth where your deen is.


4 thoughts on “Respectfully Preaching

  1. Interesting you should mention the part about our Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan and Abdurrahman Ibn Auf as being wealthy people.. The point was brought forward and his reply was:

    “Let’s not try to emulate them for they are not being emulated. They are stronger Muslims than us, thus we are not equipped with the capabilities to manage our wealth in the proper way.”

    Personally, I think it’s still up to the individual to decide on what is the best interpretation of religion should be. Just because we are listening to someone who is a learned person, it doesn’t mean that we have to accept everything without questioning.

    At the same time, don’t try to act smart when one is not really well-versed in religion. I know I need more knowledge but pursuit of knowledge involves personal wisdom and reasoning, not blind following.

  2. Unfortunately,we are living in a circle of contradictions.The anti thesis of preachers asking to abstain from wealth whilst mosque charging exorbitant fees for modular religious classes,is rather confusing.

    Wealth like sex is very much sinful only when we indulge in it beyond the normalities of moderations.

    Oh,and yes.The knowledge be it academically or religious,goes beyond the ones we receive from teachers and preachers.Considering the hadith that says that when the Anti Christ arrives,a major part of the Islamic clerics and sholars will follow him,just shows how gullible and precarious,this selected group of people can be.So,in the end,who will lead us?

    My point exactly.

  3. Just a question Mr Jaz. How do you suggest a financial portfolio should look like?

    My profile,
    Single, 32, Muslim Male. An educated professional as well.


    1. Salam Brother Ahmad.

      Firstly,my warmest regards of appreciation for taking the time to drop in a comment.I believe that you had commented on my posts before,but correct me if I am wrong.I’m not certain if I can put a face to your name,as you are definitely not in my list of people I know who reads my posts.Nevertheless,let me extend my hands of introduction.

      To answer your question about how a financial portfolio should look like,for a demographic such as yours,I have to assume that you have done your financial planning.At least,if not,you still must have done the basic ones.Nevertheless,if I can share with you my personal and professional opinions,it’ll be on the following.

      Debt to Income Ratio
      Usually,this will be the first benchmark to establish if your financial portfolio is healthy.Being professionals,we are entitled to easy credit and there are those who may have exceeded the healthy benchmark of below 30% in this ratio.So,to ascertain if the financial portfolio is feasible,calculating this portion is essntial to ascertain if the portfolio is having any big leaks.To be financially free,excess baggage can be cumbersome at times,and this is definitely baggage.

      Cashflow Management
      This is a gospel component of any financial portfolio which you may want to pay particular attention to.Some people are better managing their cashflow on a monthly basis,whilst some weekly and some even daily.A cashflow management statement in your portfolio,will allow you to track your inflows and outflows with an eagle eye scrutiny.My belief is that is you can manage your daily cashflow,you can manage anything.So in your portfolio,this is a must have.

      Reserve Savings
      Another important thing.Your spare tyre.In your financial portfolio,it is imperative that you set aside 3 to 6 months worth of income to tide you over in the unexpected event of non employment.As a professional,this is crucial,as these funds may provide you with a buoy to maintain your lifestyle for a while,before you get yourself on the money making journey again.Besides,I believe that the old folk’s advice of savings is crucial.Even our Prophet has savings of at least a year’s worth.

      I shall not go into details.But all smart people will account for insurances in their portfolios.For the simple fact that even the best well prepared portfolio can fail us sometimes.Just ask people who are keen on Multi Level Marketing people.

      When all is said and done,a faster financial vehicle will speed and pave your professional journey better.If you are a farmer offered a shovel and a tractor,which one will you choose to cultivate your lands?The answer is obvious.With a well informed planner working with you,your investment plans can succeed you and your portfolio

      A Will
      In any financial portfolio,even more so for a Muslim,a will is obligatory.What use is the accumulation of wealth if it’s not left for the beneficial use of the community and even your family.So,yes a will will go out of its way to establish this.And it’s the crux of a portfolio.

      So,my dear brother,I hope that the small bit of details will help you just go through a checklist of things to find in your portfolio.I’ll be more than happy to help you if you do need help.The only obligation I place on you is that you must do something about things that you may learn from such interactions.May I get the good deeds of your actions in the Hereafter.

      Till then bro,



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