Legends Of Islam (Part 1)

I’ve been thinking.

For over a month now,I’ve not been the least inspired to type in an entry.I’ve did actually.Typed two full paragraphs and I’ll press the “delete” button.That was how demoralized I was.Did not have the will to type my thoughts.

If you happen to be free,and not knowing what to do,can I kindly suggest to you a website?Seriously,all praises to Allah,for helping me stumble onto this gem of a site.


Why is this website a gem?

As I am typing in this entry,my ears are plugged into an audio I had downloaded earlier in the day.The MP3 audio entitled Salahuddin Al Ayubbi.It’s a beautiful piece of audio.Two days ago,I had downloaded a piece speaking on the same historical figure.The MP3 was entitled Legends of Islam,Salahuddin Al Ayubbi.It was an hour lecture that was impactful in the way a man’s biography was told.I hate to admit this for fear of over dramatization,but I have to highlight this poignant piece of info.I choked and held back my tears whilst I was in the train to soccer,listening to the lecture.Hard for me to explain,but there was a series of narration in that lecture that made my head and heart swirl with a multitude of unexplained emotions.There was this intense feeling of embarrasment,shame and fear at the state of life I am living.Before I go on further,I have to just highlight a statement made by my brother in law that made the deepest sense.

“People give birth to children,and are already planning for their future,(eg education,wealth,status,marriage,social standings etc.)How many are actually planning a guaranteed place for their children in Jannah?How many parents have thought about it?”

It stucked me hard because,I am guilty as charged.Overly concerned with how my son,will cope with intellectual developments.Physical developments.Speech developments.All sorts of developments,except that of those that can ensure him a guided path.Shame on me,the father.

Anyway,back to the great warrior general,Salahuddin ra.As I heard the narration,I was mesmerized by his charisma,personality,wisdom,bravery and most of all his leadership.I strongly suggest that if you,the reader,is a man who aspires for a role model in life.A hero.Download the MP3.Insya Allah that hour long lecture will shed and illuminate a zeal and drive to be purposeful.

In a previous audio lecture I heard,there was a narration in which it was told of what really motivated Salahuddin to liberate the Holy Land of Jerusalem.It was a vivid poetic narration of how Salahuddin entered the city and read out a letter that he had received from a woman in the city.If I am not wrong,the lady had described herself as a mosque that had been molested by the hands of crusaders and she had called out to Salahuddin,the “destroyer of crucifixes and crosses” to help her.That plea of help,drove Salahuddin to claim back the lands of Jerusalem.It was a beautiful way to describe a majestic entrance.Just inexplicably beautiful.

There were narrations after narrations of his leadership and his charisma.His sworn enemies attested to how just he was as a leader.In fact,there were accounts that upon his death,the Jews within Jerusalem had sent out letters to their bretherens in other parts of the world,grieving the demise,of the best leader any nation could ever have.How many Muslim leaders today can claim to such honour?

I have a lot to write about this grand man.In fact,I will want to dedicate a research into the fundamentals of leadership from the biography of Salahuddin Al Ayubbi.And I will not stop there I guess.There’s Khalid Ibn Walid,Umar Al Khattab and so many others.And the best of all,the Prophet p.b.u.h.

Funny how,I’ve been looking for role models outside the context of Islam for so long,when there is a mine awaiting in the historical annals of Islam.

May Allah guide me on this fantastic journey of discovery…

…and please brothers and sisters,visit the website http://www.hoor-al-ayn.com/. There is a whole host of resources for every need and learning you want. Seriously.I’ve just erased 1GB of songs in my MP3 to put in all the lectures.And spread the info around to your loved ones.The message I share here,if replicated and practiced,even I will get the good deeds,insya Allah.salam!

ps:for therapeutic sessions at night when you need to be close to yourself and your Lord,perhaps you may wanna download the nasyeeds.Especially the ones from Palestine…


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