7.5 Reasons Why Being A Dad Is Great.

I’m a newly minted Dad.Well,not exactly new.I’m into my 5th semester.But I’ve realized certain points,I reckon can be taken by some,as a reason good enough to appreciate that new Life.

Reason 1 : Having people remark how your child looks like you.

This is a reason that my other half absolutely hates.But I always soothe her by saying that perhaps,the remark was just a casual and general observation.I always highlight that looks and physical appearances are temporary,and therefore does not mean much.Instead it’s things like her intelligence,wisdom,personality and so forth are the ones the child probably inherited.In all fairness,my son can have all the intrisic things that his mother have,but having people say that his eyes,smile and cuteness is like me,just makes my pants drop a bit.Besides,my child should look like me.Who else should he look like right?

Reason 2 : Discipline will be trained

Hands up if you men,were the most disciplined humanoid during your National Service days!I’m sure you are all nodding your head in unison.Those were the days when you’ll be assembling in the parade grounds 10 minutes before the stipulated time.You were the most attentive and “kilat” human on earth.But then after National Service,it all disappeared.You became lazy,not bothered and just plain undisciplined.Well,guess what?Being a Dad will guarantee you that the regimental life will be back.You will be trained unknowingly by your wife and child.She will bark at you to grab the diapers,the talcum powder,the ointment,the nail clipper,the wet wipes and the feeding bottle.The baby will cry out at you for milk at periodic 2-4 hours slots.Yes 24/7.You will be required to carry the 5 – 6kg baby when it cries.In short,you’ll be disciplined.And if you happen to slack,you’ll be punished with scornful looks from the baby.Yes it knows.

Reason 3 : Cease of Communication

One of the greatest wonders of the world is how,girlfriends that you had in the past or currently will just go puff and disappear into thin air,when you announce that you are a dad.Well,not all,but definitely most. How is this great,you may ask.Well,personally it’s not.But I figured that for some of you who have stalkers haunting you,announcing that you are a dad may just put these ladies off.For a while.Losing girlfriends is bad,but those irritating ones are worth it.*lol*

Reasoon 4 : Toys

I do not know about you,but I’ve figured out this reason way back before I was even married.In fact,I’ve hinted these to my past girlfriends but I do not know if they caught what I was trying to hint at.Being a Dad entitles one,to indulge himself in toys shopping.Even if it’s just window shopping.You know this don’t you?There was a time,in your dating days,when you fear that going into Toys R Us or the toys department was the most uncool thing to do with a girl,right?Well guess what?By being a Dad,you will inevitably be drawn into all this,and I know you’ll enjoy it.I’ve enjoyed it.Playing with the arms and legs of Ultraman figurines,testing toy cars,swinging swords and so forth.In fact,when you are a Dad,such things are considered obligatory.Having new toys that is.Don’t hide the child within.

Reason 5 : New Skills are Earned

I am now a certified Multitasker.And by that,I mean to say that I can carry a baby and give him milk,then burp him and put him to sleep.All in orderly sequential order.I am also an expert now at preparing lukewarm milk,testing it’s temperature and squeezing the teats of the milk bottle.By a freak of accident,I am also able to now handle hazardous materials aka baby’s poo.It’s vulgar to decscribe the process,but I can assure you that only real men changes the diapers of his baby.

Reason 6 : Relive your unfulfilled dreams.

I got my first soccer ball when I was in Primary 3.That was very long ago.It was a bit too late in fact.If I had received a soccer ball at my feet earlier,I would have been playing in the Lions’s squad.No doubt about it.Anyway,I just bought a colorful soccer ball for my child.In him,lies the potential and ability of a great soccer player.It is my rightful duty to nurture that.And that’s a great thing seriously.Cause now,I can really train him to be someone I never was.

Reason 7 : Better than having any pets.

Seriously.What better way to wake up than to have a drooling baby drop his saliva onto your face and having him smile innocently,as though he had just done the cutest thing ever.Or what about those times,when he will giggle noon stop seeing your stupid face making antics.Or what about those days when he will splash his body around in the bath tub excitedly,just because you are washing his neither regions.Or maybe becaiuse of those  nights when you wake up,and look at him,and observe him grinning from ear to ear,and it makes you feel that sleeping will be such a waste.All these makes it so much more gratifying than taking care of a pet snake.Heh.

Reason 7.5 : Your Legacy

The most important reason.In being a Dad,you have just been instilled with the greatest and best of trust and responsibility by God.Simply because,it is now in your small little hands,to ensure that this new Life will grow up under the care and tutelage of a parent,towards the Destiny he is intended.Being a Dad beats any other job on Wall Street,for now you are accountable for the assets of your family.The greatest asset ever.And in his Life,lies the seed of potential.Dads like myself are entrusted with this Life.And that’s the greatest honor,the Lord can ever grant to a Dad.

So that’s it.In a nutshell,my simple and humble view of why being a Dad can be a beautiful thing.Ignore those calls of people who propogate singlehood,by claiming that parenthood can be a burden in the context of living in a cosmopolotan country.Or those people who just feel that playing Dad can be a stifling experience where freedom is compromised.It’s rubbish actually.Being a Dad is great.You’ve got to be one,to know why.You’ll value everything else differently from then on…


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