The Biggest Balls Definitely’s Not Yours

I will like to think that I am beyond criticizing these days.The old adage that if you cannot beat them,you avoid them sounds or at least rings a tune to me.I have to mention this snippet of an incident to highlight why sometimes I find that some guys just have their balls in the wrong location.

About 5 days ago,I had received a text message from a close friend of mine.Around 2 am.A female.Oh okie,it’s actually a cherished former soulmate.She texted,asking how I was and how the baby was.Since it was kinda late,I ignored the messaged and decided to text her  a reply at a later opportunity.That later opportunity was yesterday evening,as I was on my way home.The typical bored me,texted her a message replying that everything was good,and the baby was good and kindly asked how she was faring herself.I did not get an immediate reply though.So,when Igot home,I received a call from an unknown mobile number.The bane of my career these days,is that I will pick up any unknown calls,cause you never know who will be at the end of the line.Anyway I picked it up and a man’s voice was heard,

Me : Hello.

Mr All Mysterious (MAM) : Is this Hijazi?

Me : Yes,this is HIjazi.

MAM : I thought I got the right number…

*puts down the phone and the line was dead*

Me : Hello?

I tried calling the mobile number again.No reply was received.I tried a further 3 times.No answers.I then texted the following message,

“Hi bro.I was just wondering who you are as you did not leave your name.You are?”

After I had texted that message,then it dawned on me that this guy was probably my girlfriend’s current longstanding boyfriend whom had never had the best of regards for me.I then texted her asking if by any chance,her boyfriend was with her,and by the luck of the draw,she replied that he was.And she enquired if this chap had called me back.I replied that he did,and told her that I did not appreciate the manner,or lack of it,in which he conducted himself.And the snippets of well intentioned messages went dead.

I regret the fact that this wonderful lady has a guy of such manners,as a potential life partner.I can totally understand the facet of jealousy in his reactions but surely,a calmer head would have done him good.What was wrong with the gentlemanly gesture of introducing himself,asking who I was and perhaps asking the reasons for me texting his girlfriend.Or if his intelligent brain could have worked out the simple equation that I was replying to his girlfriend’s query about my child,which would have indicated that “making out” with his girlfriend would have been the least of my priorities.So,a bout of invalid jealousy could have been dealt with.Or how about him,having that decency to know that calling a contact of your partner,directly off checking her mobile reeks,insecurity at its “Optimus Primus”.I mean,don’t you read Communication 101,in which Rule #7 says,”Have a discussion with your partner first,before trying to show your control over matters.”And Communication 101 Rule #10 says,”Stating a rhetorical statement like,”I thought I got the number right” shows a degree of pathetic lunacy.”.

Am speaking from experience.Down the path of life,when this one sorry chap reflects about his life,he will realize just what a silly thing he has done.Okay,so you’ve been with this lady for like what,six years and you still get enraged by text messages that has the words,”My baby is learning how to roll…”.It’s not like as if I’m sending a text saying,”The stiffness in my jeans sure beats that flaccid one you are holding on to now…” to his girlfriend.Sigh.I wish I can just tell him,”Brudder,it’s the size of your confidence in yourself that matters.It’s not about checking if others are bigger that yours!”I hope this chap does something with his approach towards people.Maybe he’s a nice guy,I do not know.But if interpersonal communication is a barometer of your personality,then he has failed as a big time Charlie.I believe he is just one darn lucky chap to have a girlfriend that he has now.A very pretty and sweet,nubile young girl.I cannot say the same for her though.But I guess,that’s how Life is. 

I really hope some Men will appreciate this entry as a kind reminder of the fallacies masculinity brings sometimes.The term Men does not in anyway condone the idiotic nature of obsessive possessiveness.I chuckle sometimes to think that the control in relationships,seems to be synonymous with Men checking up on their partners but giving the gazillion excuses of the century when their partners do the same.I mean,where’s the balls in that?Men cite their commitment by checking up on sms entries,phone logs and Facebook comments?Oh please…

These are exactly the kinda Men that will drool over women like Megan Fox,but in no imaginative ways will Megan drool over insecured,pompous and totally wrecked in the brains Men like them.Yeah,of course confidence is a premium when you are with someone beautiful.But it does not give one the excuse of going ballistic over a text message that does not have the words,





…so in other words,relax.Your girlfriend is yours to lose.Not mine to gain…


4 thoughts on “The Biggest Balls Definitely’s Not Yours

  1. Another great entry. Dude, happening eh your life? But there are many of such guys(and gals) out there. Think people just need to have more confidence in themselves and trust in others. To think they have been together for 6 years, surely one shouldn’t get too over-excited about a friendly sms between buddies?

    I mean, she’s been with him all this while, shouldn’t it account for something? Stifling behaviour ain’t cool. Be a real man, use rationality with humility, sensitivity and maturity. We’re all adults here and we’re all for communicating and interacting right?

    His parting shot before he put down the phone is just sad lah. It’s like, “I know it’s you and I’m coming to getcha!” I think he would gain a measure of respect if he just asked you politely about the sms.

    Hope he sees the light.

  2. This kinda episodes deserve a thesis at least.”Irrationalities of Men and their Lack of Balls”.I’m letting it slide this time around.This is not the first time this chap has been rude to me.Such a pity that someone like him who has a higher degree of academic education fails to understand the simplicity of mutual respect.

    But am not surprised actually.If he looks at himself in the mirror,he has every reason to be insecure.Not only for now…sadly forever.*lol*

  3. Just goes around to show that a higher degree of education does not inculcate one with sound moral values and civic-mindedness.. This is what our society is coming to…

  4. Well, if this girl sent a text msg to her cherished former soulmate at 2 a.m, even though it was “just” to ask how he and his baby was doing, the guy sure has something to worry about, don’t u think?

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