It’s All In The Noose

It turned out to be an amusing morning. I woke up, read the news, watched the news and pondered about news. It’s been one heck of a week I think. But firstly, my heart goes out to the Samoans, who had just been hit by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. For a coastal area, such a catastrophe should have been catalysmic. Days ago, Manila was hit by severe floods and Indonesia was also hit by a natural disaster. Brings a sense of foreboding worry. For me, personally at least.

Forgiveness seemed to be the buzzword these few days, especially in recent weeks. We had Mr Ken “Cowell” Lim, blatantly refusing to apologize for his illogical comments, about a certain Idol’s performances. I think the relevance of having an insecured, middle aged man with  an overzealous superiority complex on the show is losing its appeal. For a start, Ken should realize that he is just a music producer. Granted that he may have successfully, guided the career paths of some artistes, he still is “deaf tone” to quality performances. How can you judge a singer, when you are not one yourself? The icing on the cake that fell on his face, when he likened the Idol’s performance as an apt, of that of a Vasantham Central Idol show, smacked too much of disrespect and total ignorance. Oh wait, Ken “was not aware” that such a show existed. How convenient. Ken’s usual repertoire of performance comments, places him alongside the rhetoric existence of Palin, Blair and to a certain extent, Paris Hilton. Redundant. 

Anway, on an Idol note, it was hard not to feel a bit of sympathy, for Taufik Batisah’s misrendition of the National Anthem. But hey, overzealous mophos should not be jumping on the bandwagon of “slamming” someone, just because they slipped on singing the national anthem. Cause, if you want to do so, there are gazillion of personnel out there, in the education industry possibly, guilty of of doing so, perhaps every morning. That Taufik has raised his hands apologetically, just highlights that he knows the implications of doing such. I mean, I can totally relate to how overzealous idiots could be calling for his head with remarks such as how a Malay Idol singing a Malay national anthem slip up? But, the fact is, as much as people are entitled to criticisms, that is also how much people are also entitled to make mistakes. Oh wait, let me do a “Ken Lim”, by stating, “Will you rather want Sylvester Sim singing the National Anthem with his Canto guitar rendition?” Anyway, moving on…

On a personal note of updates, I’ve been…

  1. told by my branch director to not give a shit about the shenanigans occuring within my unit, not quit and just do my utmost best.
  2. awarded a certificate of competence in a US Public Speaking module, awarded by Expertrating. I thought the test should have been “chicken feet/feed”. I sweated over it. Darn the technicalities. I hate theory.
  3. been crowned champion for both the Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest. It was the longest impromptu humorous speech I’ve presented. And I evaluated the prettiest Test Speaker to date. I evaluated her speech first…
  4. busy trying to earnestly, update my posts and pages for my website, ILM Degree.
  5. successful in finally registering my own business entity. A self proprietorship. ILM Degree. After 8 years, of contemplation, it finally gets done.
  6. astonished by the recent 360 degrees turnaround of mood in my mother in law, and the incredulous behavior of some relatives in law. I can smell a fake from a 100 yards, and this time, it is no different. But what else can I expect from such a group. I applaud their efforts though. Credible but not convincing as yet.
  7. thrilled with the fact that my impish son turned 7 months old. And I thought that he was just a week old.

Oh swell.

As an ending note, just thought up of a phrase when I woke up this morning…

What if the life we are leading, is a very long nightmare we’ve yet to be awakened from…


One thought on “It’s All In The Noose

  1. //Oh wait, let me do a “Ken Lim”, by stating, “Will you rather want Sylvester Sim singing the National Anthem with his Canto guitar rendition?” Anyway, moving on…//

    haha nice one 🙂

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