Honesty Is A Million Dollar Policy

Telling The Truth

I watched an interesting program earlier. It’s been on air for quite a while and I’ve not missed it so far. The show’s called“Moment of Truth”. It’s another sick, reality based game show where contestants are sat down to answer grueling questions. The key component of this game is that contestants have all been asked prior to the actual show, 50 questions, under the scrutiny of a polygraph / lie detector test. Out of this 50, a set will be chosen to be asked again on the game show, in front of the contestant’s loved ones. If their answers tally with what the polygraph had concluded, then they stand to win money. So the moral consensus of the game hinges on an individual’s desire to be as brutally honest, in his quest to win a million bucks, at the expense of hurting his / her loved ones.

Truth Hurts

Some of the questions posed, truly balanced from the absurd to the most insensitive. I mean, how sick can it be when you are asked,

  • Will you cry if your mother died today?
  • Have you ever had sex with a colleague at your office?
  • Did you ever regret marrying your husband?
  • Have you ever cheated on your wife?
  • Was your Dad the caused of your failure in life?
  • Do you find fat people repulsive?

…and a whole lot more.

And of course you can only say Yes or No.

I do not know why I am compelled to watch the show, but I definitely have to salute the b******s of a producing team, to have come up with an ingenious concept. The moral twist that is incorporated in such games border on cruelty, but definitely realistic nature that of human. I find it amazing that this group of modern Americans find it befitting to indulge in such entertainment. Cause I thought that the sequences over at WWE takes the cake, but obviously I am wrong. Americans are geniuses when it comes to concocting entertainment value in real life situations. Just look at the Bush administration.

It is also in my deepest hope that our Ministers of Parliament, sitting in the Government be cajoled into taking part in such game shows, for our viewing pleasure. Am sure we would love to ask,

  • Did Mas Selamat really escape by jumping through a toilet window?
  • Has the GIC lost more money in their investments than what was mentioned?
  • Are HDBs really built for the local Singaporeans?
  • Is the Prime Minister the most powerful man in Singapore?
  • Is Ris Low really a Singaporean?
  • Is the Government planning to make Singapore the China of South East Asia?
  • Will the Government issue out another GST Credit scheme soon, to entice voters?
  • Will the Government realign the GRCs again to ensure a major win again?
  • Was banning the chewing gum really necessary?

…and a lot more questions regarding GIC.

I will love to be the host.

If you are put in the chair in front of your loved ones, and posed with personal and controversial questions, will you be truthful about it in order to stand a chance of winning a million dollars?

I would, only because a million dollars will make such truths for my loved ones more bearable. Just ask Tiger Woods and John Terry.


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