What Do You Want?

Wanting Something?

I guess it’s rather official now. I’ve pissed off the shit out of my prospect/friend whom I recalled in my previous post. Maybe I assumed too much, but guess the apology sms I send out a week ago did not suffice in soothing the fragile state of things. Even a reply of “Jaz, you are a piece of shit!” would have done well to allay me off my guilt. Haha. But then again, the world is so fair, that I believe I got what I deserved. Oh well, moving along. In a career where it helps to face a lot of rejections, I certainly did my case no harm. But then again, what a pity.

My manager shared with me about how I should make myself likable. By being an actor. By having a poker face. By being flexible in my approaches. The rationality behind it is rather obvious. People buy people. And at the same time, I also had a tinge of realization why my people, can easily be cheated. Because they buy people too much, that they forget to buy competency. But I guess there is no absolute wrong. It’s okay to buy people, because at least the pain will be worse if the person cheated you. Then you’ll wake up and realize your folly better.

You know what I just realized?

You will make better informed decisions if you want something so badly. When you are told that you need a financial planner / planning / plan, you tend to shut out that thinking membrane. When you are asked if you want more money, a bigger car, a more luxurious lifestyle or even that grander wedding, your big black pupils will just dilate. And you are lucky, if I do not catch you whimpering and salivating at the visions you self created.


Cause you are a wanting creature.

You do not need sex.

You want sex.

You do not need to eat Mcdonalds.

You want to eat that Big Mac.

You do not need an I Phone.

You want an I Phone.

Bottom line is.

If you want to scrap for cans and metals. If you want to whine at the lack of funds for a new laptop, your child’s education, your son’s new PSP, your spouse’s big holiday plans, your tiredness for working too hard and earning too little and a whole score of typical wants…you should continue what you are doing.

If you just want a simple no worries financial lifestyle, you might want to do something now.


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