What Babies Can Teach About Being Bold.

Boldness Is Colorful

My son turns one this Thursday. My lil’ Jimmy Neutron. His progress through babyhood, has been astounding. Not from his perspective of course. But mine. I’m amazed at the wonders of curiosity coupled with a taste for adventure and perseverance. He has been a shining example on how you and I should approach life. By being curious. By being bold. By being persistent. By not recognizing criticism. By being appreciative of praises, claps and smiles. By being able to enjoy life with a toothless smile. That’s how we started life and how we should continue doing it.

Remembering How To Be Bold

People tend to forget how dynamic life can be when we are more adventurous with our approaches. I know I’ve lost out a lot in social interactions, because of my lack of boldness to break an ice with a staring human being. You and I probably forget the power of a smile. My Jimmy Neutron has got salesgirls scampering around their shops playing hide and seek, old aunties dancing and jiggling their  faces just to capture another impish smile and not forgetting the scores of people chatting him up with their guuguugaagaaa.

Being bold also includes the power of smiling in the face of criticisms and scoldings from anyone. I forgot the number of times, my Jimmy Neutron simply ignores my cries, shrieks and screams with a smile and off he goes to “destroy” another colony of folded clothes. He is so perseveringly bold that these days, I’ve given up on even whimpering at him to stop his acts. I simply let him wreck havoc on his colony, after which I will clean up after he’s satisfied with the utter destruction. Not before he leaves me with a lingering evil smile.

Being bold has also been about smacking my face or his mum’s in the early morning, to wake us with his chirpy “ummmmmmmm” noise. His boldness has never been replied with a scornful cry from the missus and I. In fact, it’s such a welcomed smack on our faces. Because we realize that our morning starts with a gleeful smile. For Jimmy Neutron, it’s just his way of saying “Good morning, Mum and Dad!” Unconventional but it works definitely.

So you see. Boldness has a place in our conformed state of living life.

Boldness does not always have to be equated with being rude, intrusive or aggressive.

My baby taught me that boldness enhances the quality of life. If only we remembered how we used to be bold.


2 thoughts on “What Babies Can Teach About Being Bold.

  1. I suppose life takes a lot out of us that we often lose sight of what is it that we have lost. Such is the beauty of our children. This is why I feel sorry for my pupils sometimes who are ‘destroyed’ by the education system. The competitive nature just leads to disillusionment and resignation. They are not enjoying their childhood, that’s for sure. I suppose as adults, we should, as far as possible, allow them to develop and discover at their own pace. To pursue their interests and provide them with a holistic development. Gosh, I sound like the Minister of Education now. Jimmy Neutron is developing fine bro. One of the brightest and chirpiest one-year-olds I have seen. Credit to the outstanding methods employed by the mum and dad. 🙂

    1. Yes Kai. You sound like the Minister of Education. In fact, you look like a previous Minister of Education. Tharman?

      But yes, I concur with your observation about the education system. And such a reality is not exclusive I guess. It stems very early. The fact that parents who do not send their kids to childcares, are losing out, just shows how competitive the world is.

      Well, we cannot change the world, but we can definitely change our world. So, here’s wishing that our kids will grow up just to be like us. Balanced and enjoying life the way it should.

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