The Normality Scam

Part Of The Industrial Bullshit

The Industrial Job Bullshit

You get up in the morning. You drag yourself out of bed. You drag your feet to the toilet. You turn the knob for the shower and you close your eyes as the cold water runs through your hair down to your toes. You grab the towel and head back to your room. You grab the ironed clothes and put them on. You groom yourself a bit and off you go.

You trudged to the train station, and you find yourself bracing for yet another ride. The ride of discomfort, you mutter and swear silently. Along comes the MRT train, and you gasp in breathless horror as the doors and windows are smacked with the morning faces of commuters. You take a quick glance at your watch and sigh. “If I skip this train, I’ll be 20 minutes late to office. If I take this train, I am going to war.” With a slight curse, you engage the war.

Smells. Yawns. Bustles. Shoves. You are just another sardine in the can.

You walk through your office doors. Damn. Everybody’s in their work. Then you remembered that you will be having a “yet another important” meeting in the afternoon. You remembered that you forgot to read up the article your superior emailed the other day. Another subtle bashing time, you tell yourself anticipating.

Your day ends exactly at the time your contract had stipulated. 1700 hours. You rush out in hope of catching the not so full train. And you discovered that everyone else had the same idea. So there you are, all smacked up like sardines again on that 45 minutes ride home.

Smells. Yawns. Bustles. Shoves. You are just another sardine in the can.

You get home. You throw your clothes on the bed and grab your towel. You head straight to the shower room. You turn the knob, close your eyes and let the water runs its course. You exit yourself out of the shower room and drag yourself back to your room. After grooming yourself, you plonk yourself back into your bed.

Not to sleep. But to mentally prepare yourself to repeat the whole cycle tomorrow morning. 🙂

You Are Part Of A System

The truth is, you have been educated to be part of a social system. And you, and I are living a life of scam. We are scamming ourselves into believing that this is how our life should run its course. Okay, so I am being an idealist by stating that we may have  a choice to change the status quo. Do you believe that you have a choice? Or wanting to believe is not even a feasible choice to ponder about.

The Girls At Coffeebean

I saw a group of working adults. Women to be exact. At 2 pm in the afternoon, enjoying salads and cups of coffee. In town. Wearing elegant and nice clothes. You may have caught this tribe of individuals too. The living life at large sort of people. Have you ever wondered to yourself,”Just what the hell do these people do for a living?” I did. I mean, it’s not really atypical to enjoy the company of sexy women at noon, on a weekday. But these women brought me to the thought. “Why can’t my boys and I do the same?”

Idiots Flock Together, Geniuses Stand In The Corner

Here’s a fact. People do not want to work. People need to work. And that includes you and me. We need to work. And we have been told over the course of years that if you want to enjoy life, you need to work. Did anyone ever told you that if you need to enjoy life,you should want to work. Sounds idiotic. Maybe. But here’s my case. What if you framed your mind in such a way that you want to work, because you need to enjoy life. You want to trade 8 hours of your life to earn the money, so that you can enjoy the rest of the 16 hours. Meaning that you want to work, so that you do not need to anymore.

Is there any way you can balance the wants of enjoyment, with the needs of labor?


But with only one currency, in time, being the trade off, there is sure to be a big bargain or discount in place.

Perhaps it’s time, we make time for the premiums in life.


2 thoughts on “The Normality Scam

  1. I guess if you make your work your passion, like u did, .. then you’ll not be dragging your feet to work. And it’s time to rethink about how to gain cash flow so as to not be slave to the “salaried” system.

    1. I believe that even in an established system, individuals still have to relish the thoughts of excelling beyond the pay packet. Systems are put in place to pay a minimum/standard wage to a generic set of workers. That is why, I ascertain to my clients, friends and families that in whatever endeavour they pursue, they have to strive towards being indispensable. If you want to be a teacher,make sure you want to be a principal eventually. If you want to be a police officer, make sure you want to be a superintendent. It’s hearbreaking when you realize that your value, is rewarded monetarily, only by two factors in Singapore. Education and experience. But we know, we are always worth more than all that. If a teacher creates and educates even just three millionaires in his entire career, then definitely a teacher’s worth is more than that. Just my personal thoughts on the values of an individual.

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