The Miracles Of Small Charity

Everyone Needs A Helping Hand

Remembering Miracles

I have to note this down, as a reminder that should one day I am blessed with bountiful provisions, there is a cause. Last Friday, as I was on my way to office, I was dead stopped in my tracks, as I reached the platform of my train station at Admiralty. A middle aged Malay woman approached me, and asked if I was a Malay guy, by which I nodded. She then proceeded to narrate to me her plight.

  • Just recently divorced by her husband.
  • In need of urgent cash to buy milk powder and diapers for her 1 year old daughter.

I am not the sort who buys into sob stories especially if it’s from within the community. But I told her that I did not have enough cash with me (which was honestly true as I’ve yet to withdraw any). She looked at me with that helpless look. She then gave an alternative, and that was for me to transfer to her account. I gamely took out my diary and offered her a pen by which she wrote down her name, mobile number and account number. At that very instant, there was this passing thought that, no way am I gonna do anything about the transfer. I mean, out of the blue? And she had asked for either 20 or 30 bucks, citing that it was cheaper to buy at Sheng Shiong as she was headed that way. As I kept the diary back in my bag, I thought to myself at just how desperate she must have been. Asking me to do a funds transfer?

So I gently asked her directions, and she mentioned that she was stopping at Yishun. Noting that I told her that it was then best that I alight at the same station with her, and I will personally buy the items she mentioned. She just nodded in agreement but insisted that it was cheaper to get it from Sheng Shiong. We boarded the coming train, and whilst in it, I took the time to quiz her.

Apparently, she was just divorced from her husband unknowingly. She was now residing up at Marsiling with her mum. (she even told me her block no). I asked about her family dynamics, and she told me to the extend of showing me the kept pictures of her three young daughters in her mobile. She pointed to a slight bulge by her tummy, and told me that she had a cancerous growth there that needed removal and she was just awaiting the appointment date. In short, she was indeed living a shitty life for the moment.

To cut the long story short, we alighted over at Yishun, and I proceeded to the nearest ATM and withdrew a sum of money and handed it to her. I forgot what I mumbled, but it was along the line that she need not worry about paying it back. And I made an intent in my heart then, that it was to be a form of charity. And I left her there smiling.

The significance of this whole episode did not really dawn on me until late yesterday morning, as I was ironing my clothes. Just two days after that incident, an acquaintance of mine had inquired me with regards to some financial suggestions. The appointment which was set just about two days ago, proved to be productive and fruitful and insya Allah, I shall be concluding a workable plan for his family. As I pondered about the projected remuneration I will be receiving, it’s almost 200% of what I had given the lady in plight.

There Is NO Such Thing As LUCK

You may call it as coincidental or the luck factor, but I call it the Law of Cause and Effect. It’s like just what was mentioned in the Quran about, that when you give in intentional charity, Allah will reciprocate and give it back in many folds. It’s like what Allah mentions about, everyone having a portion of their provisions coming from unknown sources. For the lady, her provisions and sustenance for that day, came through me. And for mine, it came through the intervention of my acquaintance who thought of me. And Allah subtly arranged for all these unseen networks to be strung together through threads of compassions. Subbhanallah.

This was not the first time I’ve been in such situations. Way back in 2005, I still remember that spine chilling experience when after my Friday prayers, a lady approached asking for alms. I had no change in my wallet, save a $10 note. Without thinking I just gave it to her, knowing that I can well draw some cash later. I got back to office, and that very moment my bum touched my seat, I received a phone call on my desk phone from someone. That someone turned out to be a referred prospect who decided to invest with me. The commission that I earned from that chanced and definitely unknown transaction was in excess of $1K. Subbhanallah.

So, you see, charity does work in mysterious ways. Definitely beyond comprehension. If someone was ever to ask me one principle with regards to wealth building, I’ll definitely give him this as a takeaway.

“Give with the intent of charity to those in need, and leave your provisions to Allah.”


6 thoughts on “The Miracles Of Small Charity

    1. Yups, indeed. His promises are always fulfilled. 🙂

      And if He promised us success, with the conditions He laid out, then definitely there is room for thoughts there.

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