What Is Your Update Of The Day?

What Should I Update
What Should I Update

You probably have done this. Stare at that blank “status updates” box on your Facebook profile, and ponder. Ponder about what could be the next best thing to put in there. And you probably also have this small little voice, whispering, “I hope that when I publish this status update, someone or anyone will like it or comment on it.” Do you do that? You don’t? Wow. You must be one of those exceptionally few people who absolutely do not give a darn care about who’s the President of North Korea.

I love reading status updates of friends. It gives me a glimpse on their states of mind on that particular day. And eventually, you will realize that as you read someone’s updates quite frequently, you’ll be able to identify his/her style. Give yourself a little bit more exposure, and you will also get to know this person on a more intimate level. Meaning his/her personality.

The Personally Published Tribe

Am sure you have scores of examples to cite, and I definitely have a few. One of the more amusing ones, in my network, includes updates detailing her “naughty nights” with her spouse, her children’s meals for the day, her cravings and so forth. I found it amusing because she puts in those details in a movie, script like manner which includes specific dialogues. And the amazing thing is that, as much as I found her updates to be too eerily personal for comfort, she has a legion of faithful  followers who will like and comment on her updates. She has her own tribe. And in terms of social dynamics are concerned, her tribes are almost in the same demographics and psycho-graphics as her. Talk about a herd. But it works for her.

The Guru Tribe

Then there are the self help aficionado tribe. Individuals who will fill that rectangle of a box with insightful and purposeful quotes. Perhaps it is out of self affirmations or just plain generic purposes. I do find this lot quite helpful to have in your updates network, only because they are my resources of great inspirations. You may have this lot of friends also in your network. Do not hide their updates. You’ll never know when you might just need their interventions.

The Random Updates Tribe

And then you may find the obnoxiously crazy and wacky type of updates. The ones that include the racy joke of the day, the ones about their mother in laws, the rants about their colleagues and bosses and that atypical clueless syndrome of random observations. You may have posted one yourself. I definitely had. What’s creatively unique about this tribe is the fact that they have such random agendas, it pays to read their motivations at times.

The Emo Tribe

This lot takes a lot of your time. The self beating, world is coming to an end, no one loves me and only my mother can cuddle me type. Sometimes, we do like reading their updates because we like to be a part time counselor. And yes we like to give our expert views on how this tribe should lead their camps. But the thing is, it can be time absorbing. Especially if we see no realms of improvements from this tribe. I like to leave this lot alone to their emotional bruisings. It’s more enjoyable being an observer at times. Most times.

Just Updating

No matter who you are, as an updater ( is there such an occupation?), originality need not always be in form of the best updates. I believe the quirkier and more honest you are with your views, the better. Sometimes being controversial, is definitely light years away better than that random,”Am at home, watching television with the wife and kid.” Truth is, nobody really cares, even if you are lying dead in a coffin beside Pamela Anderson. Unless you are Pamela Anderson, of course. The buzz word for updates will probably be about, if whether people can form an opinion around your updates. If they do, good for you. If they don’t, why should it bother you anyway?

And yes, stay updated with my updates. I need your opinions.


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