Just Another Fish In The Ocean

I’ve always wondered as to how long I will ever last in this career of mine, as a financial planner. One thing I can definitely guarantee and promise my clients is that, not forever. As I get through my days, weeks, months and years of being in a career that sips my emotions and endurance, I can safely say that I will know when to quit.

My intention of planning my ‘dip’ is basically to install within that sense of perspective, that nothing lasts forever. Not many understand and appreciate the myths and facts behind the career of a financial planner. I have been bombarded by so many notions and perspectives on the merits of being a Malay Muslim financial planner, that I can so bet, that 99% of the Malay planners in Singapore think that they are the one in a million. To a certain extent, yes, it’s true that they are indeed the only ones around. But in terms of unique value, I beg to differ.

I do not intend to quit anytime soon, should any of my clients reading this, starts to ponder. Am just saying that, I will be meeting all my obligations as a consultant, and that’s my promise. But after I meet my obligations, it is then my obligation to start living out my life.

Most Malay Muslim financial planners propagate the same “unique selling proposition”,

  • Competent with Islamic Inheritance/Islamic planning
  • Knows a thing or two about Zakaat planning
  • Knows a thing or two about Takaful planning
  • Knows a thing or two about the demerits of usury
  • Knows a thing or two about loans, debts and its implications
  • Proposes donations and charities
  • etc…

and just to back some of the aforementioned items above, copies of the Quran’s translations and Hadiths are attached, pertained as relevant and useful to the subject matters discussed.

You know what irks me at times?

Being told that my career holds the equivalence of being an economic daee’. Hmmmm…

I used to buy the idea and concept of preaching fundamentals of economics and finances to prospects. But when the small market of Malay Muslims in Singapore is saturated with the influx of “half boiled” planners like myself, preaching a holier than thou concept of financial planning, my neck’s been kinda stuffy.

So what exactly should my role be?


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