Counting Numbers

There is really nothing exciting about figures. Numbers to be exact. Unless, it’s a couple of zeros in your bank account. (6 will be fine)

I am having a meeting tomorrow morning and my sales manager has just sent me via email, a couple of worksheets to be printed as handouts for the meeting. Obviously there are charts and numbers, ranking each personal producer according to their produced numbers.

But I am not excited.

I hate numbers. I’m poor with Mathematics. I’m poor with ratios, percentages and all sorts of algorithms.

Yet, sales jobs are numerically legalized. People are allowed to be interpreted as numbers. When I close 300 sales in a year, I recognize you as one of my 300 very unique and special individual/client. To my colleagues, sales managers and the company I am representing, you are just another number/sale in their database. Yet to you, I could be the only person you’ve ever trusted.

It’s never easy to break out of this paradigm. Because it’s been working. People are lauded for their abilities to put numbers on a screen. Yes, most do it within the professional capacities of the salesperson. But who really cares, if the numbers keep on rising right?

Sales job is an “inter-action”. I enjoy being a salesperson, in the capacity of a financial planner. I just hate the fact that I am just another planner on the company’s roster and just another planner in the agency. In the company’s strength of 900, I am an additional one digit to the 899 others.

You should also hate the fact that you are just another number in a salesperson’s database.

But that’s just the way it is, right? Why whine if it’s a working system they say.


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