It’s A Kid’s World


People do not really care how you became successful. Or how you will become successful. Bottom line is, we are perhaps adopting the Machiavellian method of the ends justifying the means. That may explain at times why, numbers are very important in the sales industry. Who cares about how the numbers appear.

Creativity can be stifled when one has to work harder, faster and smarter in a system where credentials of numbers are very much highlighted. If a sales manager mentions that numbers are very important, he is right. And that is only because, his superiors told him so. And so did the superiors of his superiors. Leonardo Da Vinci had superiors, and his masterpieces were judged on the intricacies and time consuming nature of his process. The definition of his art was in the time taken to craft such a masterpiece. In a financial career, what is the masterpiece? I’m being led to believe that it is about the highest premium an unsuspecting bloke can afford.

In an alternate world, premiums in value should be placed on the individuals who bring the greatest sense of gratification to others. One that appreciates the value of process and creativity. Although the world has forced us to cower into the corner of mediocre submission, we should still rebel periodically to achieve, alternate success.

As a kid, you were never asked about just how much you had in your piggy bank, or what type of mattress you slept on. People were interested in your efforts at discovering new things about the world. Even adults appreciated that inquisitive nature of yours. When you began discovering that a tree could be made into a hiding place, everyone tried to help you better understand it. When you began discovering that life was about crayons and toys, people wanted to splurge on you. Then you grew older, and people started expecting that your life fits a mold. A mold that relies on education type, financial size and moral behaviors. And you had to conform.

Kids enjoy the better part of your life.


One thought on “It’s A Kid’s World

  1. Unfortunately, the system is taking away the joys of growing up for these kids… 😦 That’s why I am forever thankful for the childhood that I had…

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