Random April Whines

I was at the bus stop this afternoon. Right in front of ION, awaiting for service number 65 or 14, to ferry me to the office building. A black Maserati drove past, with a woman at the helm. I chuckled to myself, just trying to figure out how lucky that lady was. Thought to myself at just how much I will probably have to slog just to purchase the rims of the wheels.

Something caught my fickle attention this evening when I saw a book over at Popular bookstore. It was a book that had the word “passion” in the title. It kinda aroused that curious fragments of my consciousness, cause it’s been quite a while since I last got acquainted with the word. And I began questioning my sanity. Cause I’m no longer passionate about the things I should be. Or I think I am not, at least.

Being a Malay financial planner has been a test of my resolve, sanity and just plain patience. Cause on that occasions, when you have totally ridiculous prospects or clients, you just feel that it really ain’t worth the trouble. I mean, there are basically two types of clients/prospects for the Malay market. The affluent ones, who are too few and far. And the other end of the spectrum, whom I will easily term as the “Financially Challenged”. Their impairment can only be saved by the great Graces of God Himself. Examples are aplenty, and I just cannot be bothered to really randomly describe them. But anyone who furnishes his bike, house, car and any other things as priorities over his own health, is an idiot. A big idiot. I am as entitled to this opinion, as they are towards financial planners, being irritatingly persuasive to them. Hah.

However on the other end of the happy note, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve and learn from families and individuals who had gone through that curve of learning their financial quotient, and are at least prudently savvy enough to act out of their own onuses, rather than take that whimsical path of asking parent’s blessings. It’s this few people that makes this career of mine meaningful in its own right.

Back to the issues of passion, I realize just how much this passion thing has been diluted in my career. I now realize with fervent delight that financial planning is in itself a career, that serves to heighten my interests, and not necessarily my passion. My passion is in interactions, but not necessarily through the monetary sales transactions, required of the career. Which is a bit unfortunate in my case, cause I do have to earn my keep. But, seriously, the sales component happens to be the part that dilutes my passion.

Oh well. Such is the system of things. You go against the tide, you drown. You ride with the tide, it’ll bring you to where it wants.

I’m ranting nonsense, but it’s just a bid to get me started on being inspired to blog. Heh.


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