Experiential Exasperation

Where Are You?

If you are reading this by the comforts of your home, seated in front of a turning fan, with a mug of hot cocoa in tow and music playing in the background, you are definitely categorized as belonging within the 98% of people who lead a normal life.

If however you are reading this post, seated on a black stallion galloping through the lush, dense and green forest found in New Zealand, whilst hearing the cheerful chirps of the birds and the occasional roars of the waterfalls, you are definitely in that unique 2% category of people who lead an extraordinary life.

So which are you?

The definitive guide in determining your quality of experiential living probably lies in that small word called “experience”. For most of us, the mundane act of reading a blog post, is as habitual as lifting up the toilet seats for ladies. For some of us, reading a blog post, can be as nerve wrecking as trying to figure out that killer pick up line, to be used in a crowded bar. We have all, for the most part of our education been taught, that experience is what, has happened to us. But what if we began treating experience as what is really happening within us?

The Geography Teacher

When I was in secondary school, my Geography teacher used to try and motivate us, by being that irritating, cynical and skeptical man who would spout out statements such as, “You should be in a great school such as…blah…blah…because they will so much welcome your presence.” Of course, we students were smart enough to know that he laced those words with sharp rhetoric and sarcasm that it would have made any mothers tear with blood. We were also wise enough at that point of time, to not have taken his words seriously, because we all thought that he was just acting senile. The point is this. That Geography teacher is no longer a character playing in our stage of life. In my story at least, he was just cameo. The experience with him, was just that. Cause within me, he was not a figure of importance. Imagine how my perspectives would have been mutilated, if I had treated him as an external experience meaning that he was someone who “happened to my life”. It would have been a totally different story I reckon.

In the context of our life, we will definitely meet this “Geography Teacher” of mine in different forms and fashions. He could be your spouse, your manager, your acquaintance, your colleague and perhaps even a family member. They are the sort who will want to imprint their philosophies, ideals and visions, as an experience in your life. The question is, how far are we willing to allow such imprints to be embedded in our minds, to be accepted as a norm, and treated then as THE way of life we want to lead?


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