Kids These Days

You Be The Judge
You Be The Judge

I happened to chance upon a Facebook status of a friend, who attended a graduation ceremony of her brother at an ITE (Institute of Technical Education). Specifically, the ITE in mention was the one I attended way back then, ITE Dover. I was trying to figure out and scrambled my memory, if I had ever attended such a ceremony at the end of my graduation. The answer I got from my 180GB worth of storage memory, was an absolute no. I recall with total clarity that I had collected my transcripts and certificate via the administration staff at the office. How lame, my graduation had turned out. Kids these days seem to lap it up.

Mind Your Language

At dinner time, just a few hours ago, I watched in glee as the Prime Minister sat beside a stoic looking Minister for Education, in an arranged press conference. For a premier to call on a press conference to address out an issue, is kinda rare. Rare, in the sense that, it’s reserved only if a mistake had been made. Well, in a subtle hint of admission, the Minister for Education did mention that he regretted having the context of a made comment be misinterpreted. Yups, it got so misinterpreted, that 2000 people actually gathered on a Monday morning to sign a petition. The issue in question was about the “proposed” lowering of scoring emphasis to the Mother Tongue language. I wish not to be technical here, but in any way, I would have disagreed with the motion too. In an age, where cultures and languages are fast disappearing into the pages of the dodo bird, the least they (the Ministry of Education) can afford to do is to just place some dignity on making sure, students will still bother to study for their Mother Tongue language. By which the question that begs an answer too, is whether the students even study such a subject in the first place? Kids these days, lap it up too easily.

That Video

And then, in what could be the highlight for my day, I watched a posted video of a teen slapping happy a girl in a sort of “girlish”confrontation. The act itself may be repulsive, but what irked me the most was the small fact that, these fame hungry idiots were Malay kids. Malay kids. Did I spell that right?

Maybe this could be the reason as to why the Ministry for Education proposed a move to lower the significance of marking for the Mother Tongue language. Especially when profound Mother Tongue profanities are lashed out at the rate of an American gunshot on an Iraqi. If the system, is supposedly churning out students who are more able to hurl “vaginal” expletives at people, then describing a still picture during the oral exams, then definitely they have a cause for concern.

And just to add salt, pepper and vinegar to my community’s wound, this assailant is also a proud exclaimer of the gay preferences. Of course, I have no prejudices towards the preferences in general, but a 15 year old being proud of it? There is some serious, permanent head damage, there. In such scenarios I usually recommend downing a bottle of bleach.

Don’t you think kids these days, are lapping it up too much?

At the end of it all, I think kids these days should just be put through, that simple thing called childhood. I think the urge of the community and society at large to always go out of their way to understand the kids, has been in retrospect, a step backward. Kids, ought not to be understood. They need to be educated. With all semblances of values, morals, religion and whatsoever not. As naive, as I am to mention this, but I really cannot see a Nepalese or Congo kid living in mountains and deserts, respectively, bashing up people for no conclusive reasons. And these are so called, “behind the developments” associated kinda countries, whose annual GDP is equivalent to our country’s weekly. The conundrum is in identifying and isolating problems. Eliminate social irritations like these kids via any Ip Man methodologies, possible. Don’t understand them. Just give them, what we call, “a lesson in life”.


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