What I Learned From Superheroes

Financial planners are essentially super heroes. At least in my mind that is. Having read a paragraph of Seth Godin’s Linchpin, I have to totally agree on the important need to bring a certain value to the table. Unique,indispensable and totally valuable.

A superhero that claims that he can fly,has x-ray vision and can travel at the speed of light, is just enhancing the reputations of the Green Lantern, Superman and The Flash. The original bunch. What can and should the superhero have to be distinct?

Financial planners are a lot like the 2nd grade superheroes. Their superhero abilities are perhaps defined by the ability to double your investments,plan for your retirement funds,insure you with a quarter of a million and making sure your creditors do not chase you. The same set of abilities,every other financial superheroes have at their disposal. And these group are the ones that are touting themselves as the next Justice League?

It is important to understand where I am going with this. I figure that I should strive to be Batman. The logic of not having any superpowers,define me as someone who has to work harder and smarter to really bring a definite value to any critical situations that may arise.

Yes, it may be dark,broodish and totally gothic unlike the flashy red and yellow emblem of the generic superhero. But,I prefer remaining a cult figure with my fans. And, yes I know the superheroes weaknesses too. Just in case.


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