The Next Bad Idea Please

Investments are price sensitive. And price are news sensitive. And news are circumstance sensitive. And circumstance are time sensitive. So in a nutshell, investments are time sensitive. If the CEO of a reputable company is fired, the shareholders will definitely affect the holdings, which will then affect the stock indexes, which will then affect investors like yourself. So, we are connected to events beyond our control.

I still remember an advertisement I saw on TV. It said that when a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere else, another place far away will be hit by a tornado. It may be quite exaggerated. But who would bother to scientifically prove it. But the notion of small events resulting in bigger circumstances resonate with me. I like the idea of small things impacting in a big way.

What Is Your Small Idea

We have been besieged with the concept of faster and better ideas, producing results that, we almost always forget the process of getting there. Most people that I know of freezes two times over when I ask if they have any ideas. It may be a simple thing such as getting food, or movie or clothes. You get the point. Most of us have been trained to not think. We have been taught that the spoken words must be ringing with the best ideas. Ideas that are ridiculous and simplistic in nature will almost always get that, “Yah…we know that. Is that all you can come up with?” And so we froze whenever another idea-less moron asks us for ideas. We become too fearful of dishing out ideas, since its not big enough. Not influential enough. Not having enough impact.

Do you realize that whenever we strained our heads to come up with the near perfect single good idea, a thousand more not so developed ideas get washed away in our mental trash bins? Ideas that may be half baked, half developed and definitely bursting with potential. We sieve through mercilessly through our God inspired ideas, to find that one idea, that will meet and conform to someone finally saying, “Yups, that’s a good idea. We’ll use that.” You cannot survive on one idea.

Learning To Think

Bad ideas are brilliant ideas. It seems bad only because it’s practicality is not time permitted. Just because you have a Victoria Secret lingerie set on you, whilst attending graduation ceremony, does not mean that the set is useless. It just means, that it is not appropriate for that setting. What if your bad idea, is actually a revolutionary idea that will change the face of the planet come 2050.

We should start appreciating bad ideas. We should embrace people who come up with the most atrocious ideas. The kinda ideas that will make a cat squirm. Ideas such as collecting a dollar coin from one million people, so that I can be a millionaire.( I am copyrighting this) Ideas that are silly and idiotic. Because bad ideas have room for improvements.

Embracing Bad Ideas

People who constantly come up with great ideas,(like me), have one thing in common. They safeguard their bad ideas like a mistress. They will constantly revisit their bad ideas with a profound sense of curiosity. They want to believe that they can have the next best idea. You see, the idea behind the genius of idea making, is that you need to keep track of your bad ideas. Write it down. Record it down. Video it down. Blog it down. Whatever the method is, its crucial that we understand the engineering behind ideas. Like a factory, an excellent idea is usually a filtered version of a collective fusion of bad ideas, blended into the power of reasoning. If you stop the churning of bad ideas, you will definitely shut down the output for good ones.

Somewhere in the world, someone will have a bad idea to share with you. Take that idea, because it’s like the flap of the butterflies. Someday that flap will just create the tornado of influence for you. If you know what I mean…


4 thoughts on “The Next Bad Idea Please

  1. Bad ideas are abundant and good ideas are rare. The important thing is that we focus on the best ideas (which could come from the former or latter). Many failed in life because they are afraid to work on the best ideas they have. Very sad because failure is temporary but regret is forever. Now where did I hear that phrase?

    1. True. Bad ideas are abundant. But people are so scared of abundance these days. That’s why a mind map of brainstormed ideas is crucial in selecting the best ones. Most people fail to even get started on going through their bad ideas, which is bad. How to get even one great idea? Hehe. 🙂

  2. brother, i see alot of improvements here. keep it up! insya Allah.. akan membuahkan hasil. potential internet marketer. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thank you for the review sis. Insya Allah, if it benefits even anyone, I’m more than happy. I love blogging. Not necessarily it will lead towards becoming an internet marketer. Heh. I just wanna blog for the love of sharing thoughts. 🙂

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