How To Be An Influential Underachiever

Most people associate achievements with influence. Meaning that if you are a teacher, the higher you rise up in ranks, the more influential you are perceived to be. It may also mean that you will be inaccessible to the students and occassionally hated by your peers and subordinates. Just maybe.

In the sales world, such thoughts might also resonate. The highly successful and over achieving financial consultant, might be deemed as the shaker and mover of the industry. It may also mean that he is an immaculate salesperson who sells financial products very well. But I’m just saying.

My point is, what about the underachiever? Can you, a 9 to 5 office personnel, a cleaner, a security guard, a sales assistant, look at yourself in the mirror and seriously consider yourself an influential figure? A catalyst towards a great movement? A shaper of destiny? A leader who influences his flock?

Why not?

We have been educated, to say the least, that influence comes with a degree of success and wealth. We think that the person standing on the stage, giving a speech on how to be successful, is influential, because he is successful. We might also think that I am trying to influence you by talking crap.

Frankly, success enhances influence. But it need not be the basis for influence.

If I can cajole you to write a book, would you think it will serve a purpose? What if your ideas and your thoughts were penned on an e-zine article,blog post,comments or published books? What if it changed the lives of educators,lawyers,parents,children,failures and others like yourself? What if,like Leonardo Da Vinci,who scribbled seemingly nonsense,and is now heralded as an influential genius,is actually you?

The direct relation between success and influence may still be debated. But for the normal, simple blokes like me, I’ll stick to writing this kinda posts for a while.


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