Alternate Choices

I love watching good television series. And one of my favorite, Fringe, will be premiering its second season soon. Seeing the trailers last night made me tingle with excitement. The premise of alternate universes, time travel and strange occurences is enticing. As I watched, a question popped up in my head. How will my alternate universe look like?

Taking aside those self help stuffs, about choices and consequences, what if we asked ourselves the question,”What about those choices I did not make?”

Of course we know that we are where we are now because of the conscious decisions that we made. And we also would have realized that prior to that, there were a number of alternate choices made available to us. We just didn’t make them. So does that make those alternate choices wrong?

Let me paint a simple analogy. When we were a bit younger and we sat for those tedious exams, there were always a section of multiple choice questions. It’ll be a question with usually four answers, seemingly similar to each other. We are of course, required to select one right answer. When we do, what does it mean for the other three answers? Are they wrong? Of course not. They are wrong only for that particular question, but in another set of questions, those three might be the right ones. In another alternate reality, the one you have chosen may be wrong.

Normality requires that we choose the right answer almost everytime. Such that we lose the spirit of choosing alternate choices for the sake of adventure. Sometimes, those alternate choices may be the best things in life we’ve yet to experience.

The next time you are given choices, take the time to chart out the possible alternate universe that may revolve around the consequence of that choice. It’ll just be a fun thing to do, cause at the end of it all, am sure you’ll still select the safest choice.


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