The Art Of Going Mindless

I just watched a mindless show, and yes I would have loved to say Anugerah Skrin. Unfortunately it’s Cougar Town. Free TV this year has been good. Ever since the cable was terminated, there has been reprieve. But not if it’s constant reruns on Suria. Talking about mindless, I was just wondering if I can come up with a list of mindless things I could do, or anyone without a mind will probably do. So let’s try,

  • Watch Anugerah Skrin
  • Convince Chee Soon Juan that he makes a great PAP leader
  • Break into bus depot, and scrawl graffiti on an SBS bus
  • Donate your upcoming GST Credits to SPCA
  • Buy a one million insurance policy
  • Resign from your current stable employment
  • Call your best friend and tell him/her that you need a $10K loan
  • Sit under your void deck with only a towel on
  • Take an MC and email your MC to your boss, with your resignation letter
  • Go to Speaker’s Corner and talk about the political scene
  • Sign up for a World Cup package midway through the tournament
  • Buy furnitures from Courts Superstore on a 48 month installment plan
  • Sell your 4 room flat
  • Eat your nasi lemak with cili padi
  • Buy X Box, PS3 and Wii and give it away to your neighbours
  • Borrow $1K from a licensed moneylender
  • Volunteer for admission at IMH
  • Take a video clip of an old auntie/uncle slapping you in a lift
  • Talk loudly on your mobile in front of the security at the library
  • Book a room at Fullerton for the night using your partner’s credit card
  • Drive, without a valid licence
  • Purchase a car with $0 down payment
  • etc

People do not normally think of doing all these things. It’s too crazy. But in an alternate reality, where you are not needed to be accountable or be judged, you would do some of the things listed here. That’s normal.

Just because we cannot do things, does not mean it cannot be done.

Going mindless is not rocket science. You can do it too.


3 thoughts on “The Art Of Going Mindless

  1. Hmm.. Are you going out of your mind Jaz.. Was this a reaction to Neutron deleting your Winning Eleven data? Lol…

    1. I’ve always been mindless dude. And it’s a great thing that I’m good at procrastinating. One of the mindless things I would have done is shave your leg hair and put it in a pot to plant. I’m just delaying it. *lol*

  2. Looks like the surgeons beat you to that bro.. But I think your leg hair would produce more yield.. Lol…

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