Why Lady Gaga Would Make A Great Financial Planner

Why The Gaga?

I realize that all clients believe that they have a one of a kind financial product / policy. You can see it in their eyes, when you ask them if they have a financial portfolio. Without a moment of hesitation, they will be armed to the teeth with a list of products they have, or have at least heard of. In best case scenarios, they will cite their financial planner’s name and ask you if you know that particular planner. Usually, when I am confronted with such hallucinations, I’ll kindly sidestep the question by saying that I might know the person if I saw him / her. Anyway, the point is, generally, clients or people in general will want to believe that they have in possession a unique, customized and specialized product. Unfortunately, sometimes, such expectations fall short.

Lady Gaga Concerts

I’ve never been to a Lady Gaga concert. But I do know what my level of expectations are should I ever fork out a single cent of my money. I will expect a full blown, exaggerated, major theatrics, elaborate stage scales and of course an out of this world performance by Gaga herself. A virtuoso display. Something that will blow my mind off. I want to feel that the pricey ticket I paid for was peanuts compared to the spectacle of value presented to me. In crude terms and pardon my language, I want to be “mind f**ked”. Because that is the impression I get from Lady Gaga. In other words, Lady Gaga’s performances are so out of this world, that I personally wanna interpret it in my own manner of interpretations.

A Lady Gaga Performance

People perhaps forget just how talented and competent artiste / performer Lady Gaga is. She’s rather consummate. Her elaborate scheme of work enhances the myth and branding surrounding her. Her eccentric manners somehow seems to enhance that perfectionist streak within her.

That’s how your financial planner should be. A competent, confident, talented and totally committed towards a styled branding kinda individual. A maverick. Not the run off the mill, answer your questions in general and always knowing kinda people. A planner that displays a certain amount of eccentric behavior is good, as it shows you a tinge of compulsive disorder in an area that he / she is passionate about. A planner that cares about your money, as if he / she is investing his / her own money.

A Lady Gaga styled financial planner is also someone who tediously designs and prepares for a “mind blowing” planning session that will enthrall and captivate you. Someone who will leave you wanting more. Someone who will then leave you at the edge for more advise and consultations.

On A Gaga Note

Lady Gaga specializes in one thing. Defining trends. Whatever her eccentric styles may be, you cannot deny that she’s recognizable and her performances captivate and engage you. You will want a financial consultant who is like that. A trend definer. Not someone who will load the bulk of reminders of responsibilities on your shoulders, because you know it yourself. What you want, is a different perspective of looking at it. A fresh look at things. That will make your “financial planning performance” memorable. Don’t you agree?

At the end of the day, even a boring 60 year old wants to go gugu gaga over a financial consultant like Lady Gaga.


2 thoughts on “Why Lady Gaga Would Make A Great Financial Planner

  1. True. I agree that apart from great showmanship and entertainer, Lady Gaga has substance. The local financial planning service has people who are great showmen with the ability to produce a mind-blowing presentation, but lack the substance and the knowledge in the areas that really matter.

    Having an element of eccentricity humanizes the planner. Weirdness helps to establish bonds. It gives us the impression that our planner is human and not some kind of uber-clone crafted by the powers of financial planning sales institutions.

    Bravo. Perhaps this post will invigorate the business.

    1. Agree with your observations dude. Come to think of it,it’s true that the majority of financial planners thrive on concept presentations without actually having the technical competencies to deal with certain matters.

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