Blowing Your Bubbles

Knowing Your Self Worth

I learned something. Or rather realized something. Intimidation or motivation via innuendos or sarcasms is a cowardly way of putting a point across. I don’t know why and how it dawned on me, but it did. It’s like taking peanuts thrown at you, and then throwing it back behind a wall. Funny? Yes.

The indispensable linchpin in any dynamics knows his worth. He is not the guy who sells coffee in a coffee shop. He is not the guy who shouts the orders for the coffee maker. He is not the one who gives the loose change. He is not the one who wipes the table. He is not the one who waits around. He is not the one counting the day’s taking at night.

The indispensable linchpin in the coffee shop, can do all the jobs mentioned above, with varying degrees of success and abilities. But the reason why, he is an indispensable linchpin, is because he, is the one with the floor plan for the expansion of that coffee shop into becoming a Starbucks joint. Or at least, he is trying to draw the floor plan.

The thing about a linchpin is that he is not self sympathetic, with the need to be approved or justified, according to the whims and whines of demands and complaints. If Leonardo Da Vinci had done so in response to the witch hunt, exclusions and criticisms of the Church back then, we will not recognize his brilliance today.

The Bubbles

You see, what I believe is that sometimes people, live in their own self inflated bubbles and they go around trying to teach people how to do so likewise. And they are happy, when people all around them are living in big bubbles like them. But somehow, they will spot one small bubble with you inside. All comfortable and cozy. But they are not happy, because everyone else are in big bubbles. So they tell, the little you, that you must be miserable and suffering, choked and all suffocating, and they criticize the way you blew your bubble. They will try to tell you, that being small in a world of big bubbles is rather depressing. They will tell you all sorts of things, until they can no longer stand. Then, they will do what people always do to small bubbles. They poke you so that you’ll burst.

Big bubbles are aplenty these days. They love growing bigger. Some grow slowly, whilst some grow faster. It’s not exactly rocket science. If you were in that small bubble, even you know that it’s not exactly nuclear science. All you need is to blow more air inside. Even children knows that. But these big bubbles sometimes forget where they came from. They learned how to grow bigger, that they lost out on a very important lesson. Not everyone knows how to make themselves comfortable in a small bubble.

If you are a small bubble, take heart. Someone kind enough,intelligent enough, or considerate enough, will blow into you, gentle air, and you will grow into a big bubble eventually.  Don’t worry. And God is so fair, that even the big bubbles burst. On their own sometimes.


One thought on “Blowing Your Bubbles

  1. A little success can change people, which is why Islam teaches us to practice humility. Bak pepatah melayu, ikut resam padi, semakin menunduk, semakin berisi.. I also agree that there is a tendency for people to adopt this “holier/better/higher than thou” mentality.. And that it’s that person’s personal mission to be a messiah to all those around him..

    We need to understand that everyone has a right to live life the way he chooses.. There’s nothing wrong if we want to give suggestions for improvement to others, but we have to go about it in the right manner. Engage in meaningful discussions and respect one another. I think the outcome is much better compared to sarcastic jibes.

    That said, your last paragraph reminded me of someone I know. It’s true though. One moment you’re up, the next moment you’re down. I can attest to that.

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