Looking Any Way

You can look at life from two angles. It can be a series of unexpected, challenging, unorthodox, unconventional, full of surprises, turbulent and totally random experiences. Or you can choose to look at it as a predestined, unavoidable, mundane, routine, non committed and totally unlucky set of outcomes.

There are many choices that we can make in life, and most of the times, the consequences and effects can be so widely random. If you choose to be great, it is so much easier to design your own path to greatness, such that being alone is no longer a privilege, but rather, an expensive state of life to be in.

Most of us think that our state of life can be better. Some believe it should be better. A handful insist it must be better. One or two might think that their life is the best to lead. No one is right and everyone is definitely not wrong. So where does that leave you and me?

I think life is already better. If we wake up tomorrow, it is definitely better than staying dead tomorrow and realizing it has to happen today. Or, when we get hungy and we eat. It is definitely better than walking on an empty tank. Or, when we realize that better is a state of mind rather than the fulfillment of materialistic destiny.

Sometimes people hate my guts, for blantanly writing posts that seem to undermine their level of success. They love pinning the tag of underachiever on me, as a means of exerting their superiority complex on me. Their unfounded siege mentallity, of me versus them, has been eating away at their ego. Which is sad, because I feel misunderstood.

The truth is, I enjoy success. I enjoy materialistic wealth. I love being synonymous with the tag of high fliers. I love the zeal and freedom of leading a fulfilling life.

But I do not wish to be a hypocrite in my chase for them.


One thought on “Looking Any Way

  1. Perhaps the reason why they call you an underachiever is that you should be achieving more and at a much faster rate than you are. I find myself using that term on my pupils but recently, I had a change of perspective.

    It comes back to how unique and individual is. We are always told that every child is different and that we have to find the right balance and mix to ensure that the child develops at their own pace. Somehow, when it comes to the adult world, people are often pushed to succeed in the shortest time possible.

    Regardless, I believe everyone is entitled to live their lives in the way they see fit. You like to take your time to grow holistically. Some want to be financially free before they are 30 (through any means necessary). Others put personal satisfaction above monetary benefits. Some just want to live an extravagant lifestyle even if they cannot afford it.

    At the end of the day, there needs to be mutual respect. Point out one another’s mistake. Take constructive criticism and turn a deaf ear on the destructive ones.

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