Elementary, My Dear Watson

Here’s a thought I had in the shower. Do you plan your life according to your goals? Or do you plan your goals according to your life? It sounds ridiculously stupid but I was just asking myself if the consequences and outcomes were gonna be vastly different.

The case for my argument is this. Would the quality of either your goals or life be compromised, if one chooses different pathways of thoughts?

In retrospect, I wonder if the state of my life I am in now, is a direct consequence of one or a mixture of the two.

Let’s say I plan my life according to my goals. What it entails is that, I will have to first set a goal/goals to be earmarked as destination points. So what I’m doing is charting out a pin on the board with the tag Point B. From then on, I will have to figure out a backtrack path to a point that I can tag with Point A, and that path is basically the route called Life am supposed to live. That is a simplistic representation. If my goal is to earn a million dollars, I will have to like literally work out a strategy backwards. Atypical of any goal setting criteria.

Case number two is where I plan my goals accoring to my life. In simplistic picture, I imagine a scenario that if I am living a life as a beggar, my goal will have to be in accordance or aligned with that as a beggar. Is that good? Subjective call, cause the element in question here is necessity. Meeting necessities results in some, contentment. So, according to the state of my life, my goal is just about earning my daily keeps.

At this point, the question is really about idealism and realism. The first option of living a goal centric life, may result in a focused, driven and purposeful way of living it up. The second option will of course put one in that live each day as it is mode, where contentment is the call of the day.

It is possible to intertwine both modes to balance life. It is after all an elementary choice.


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