Too Much Of Self Developments

People sometimes fail to see beyond the superficial. This is especially true if you are the sort, who is heavily induced on a high volume dosage of positivity. When this happens, you may hallucinate the prickly thorns in life as sweet scented petals of roses.

I was like that. Heavily sedated with that air of idealism, that the Red Sea will part for me, and the Sahara desert will be filled with water and the rainbow’s end falling nicely on my doorstep. In fact, when I was emotiionally wrecked by rejections, demands, whines and complains of society, I told myself that I probably deserved it. Okay, that might sound extreme.

The truths is, like yourself, I was hopeful. Brimming with the need to tell myself,”It’s all right, things will get better.”

In retrospect, not all aspects of life, should contain too much positivity. Not all aspects should realistically be filled with theatrical hopes. In my case, I probably spend a good two years, telling myself that if I tried just a bit harder, that girl of my dreams, will wake up wanting me. That irresponsible habit of self indulging into too much self help materials, made me breathe and live idealism. I painted pictures of me in a posh car, living in a bachelor pad, bedding a million women, when I reach the pinnacle of success.

But what if, back then, I was not too bothered about improving myself? What if you were just perfect the way you were, and society itself were the ones not able to contain you? What if it was the girl of your dreams who truly had problems with accepting perfect creatures like yourself? What if it was really your boss’s mistakes at management that just tilted you towards resignation? What if indeed it’s your superiors weaknesses at recognizing your talents that denied your promotion? What if it is really true that your colleagues suck?

What if after all these years of self beating, and the constant need for self improvements, you discovered that it was never really about you to begin with? What if your life is just fine the way it is? What if your constant need for improvements become an addictive barrier towards really fulfilling your destiny.

One thing I am realizing slowly is that the references you use for self developments and improvements are sometimes, just not truly, worth implementing. Cause, you and I are trying to mold our improvements towards a certain degree of someone else’s. So when are we truly living our life, if we are truly busy with living the life others are putting in as examples,

There is nothing wrong with self improvements. Just that sometimes, there is nothing too much to improve if we believe in our own uniqueness. Our model of self development, should be the one we are living now.


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