Why You Should Be A Creative Force

I wonder if, during your early years of school, and you were taught history as a subject, you really started to use that brain? It is not an insult, but rather an observation. The observation is plain and simple. We were taught what was already there. Presented in subjects, via textbooks and assessments. So, rarely, do we want to question things that are presented in an organized manner, because sometimes, the answers and elaborations are not easily available. Or we did not dare to.

Take for instance, my obsession with the mystical pyramids in Egypt. Early on, in my learnings, I was told that the Egyptians built pyramids. For an 11 year old, barely reached puberty sorta boy, I accepted that with the clarity of innocence. As I grew up, and began picking up books from library shelves, I discovered more facets and aspects about the pyramids. Of course, they were built by Egyptians. What I discovered were things about astronomy and so forth, about angles and maths. And many others, unknown to me back then.

In fact, now that am in my 30s, I just thought to myself, why triangles? I mean, why choose triangles as the building shape? And why not circles or squares or star or any other odd shapes imaginable by these ancient people?

Whatever the case is, I learned something which holds true till today. Whoever the architect of the pyramids were, he must have been one creative visionary. It is one thing to build a monument. It is totally another to build one that can withstand ages of wear, and still be around as testimony to that creativity. This is where creativity is extended into the realm of lasting legacy.

Most of us are still boxed into a thinking that creativity is about doing things differently. So, there are those who are in the same activity, only with varying degrees of differentiation. Whether it garners results or not is subjective, depending on activity types.

But what about you and I? What if we decide not to do the same thing differently? What if we decided to do a different thing differently? Sounds illogical, but there’s an essence behind it.

To answer my titled question, I think it’s justified by the fact that intense competition these days result in fewer process time to do some serious thinking. Creative thinking to be exact. So what we have are ideas, that are good in its basic form. Standard creative approach as means of differentiation, will just mean that people will perhaps change a color, picture or word in a marketing collateral. Or, instead of saying A, you say B. In other words, improvements. Slight, but noticeable improvements. So, people can lay claim to that credibility of being creative.

I think creativity should go beyond saying B instead of A. You will be such a creative force if you are able to translate the exact formulation of a situation and change its dynamic totally. So, even if a problem is presented as an alphabet, you can contextualize the exact same thing into numbers, and people still buy your ideas.

That’s the beauty of being a creative force. It allows you to break away from the rudimentary things and establish a legacy of credentials and uniqueness.


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