How Are Those Jeans?

My Trusted Pair

I have only one wearable jeans. It happens to be the cheapest jeans available, having bought it at only $14.90. It has no real brand worthy of a second or third look. It happens to be just another washed up looking jeans.

Realized then that over the past 15 years of jeans wearing, I happened to own only 7 pairs of jeans. Only one was worthy of being called a branded jeans. A Levis. Given by a girlfriend, by which I still own till now. The last two jeans I wore, were bought almost five years ago in Bangkok. Both now has holes eating away at the knee and bum area. The first pair of jeans I had, was a pair aptly named Criss Cross jeans. A multi colored pair, that was the rave back in schooling days. Mine was eerily colored green on one side and creamy white on the other. Scary visuals I assure you. After that piece went out of fashion, I hopped onto a pair called Alien Workshop jeans. Baggy styled jeans which I wore with pride, cause it seemed darn cool, to have a pair of alien eyes sewn onto the pocket.

Amidst all those period, I did experiment with a couple few pairs. But the relationships did not go past two wearings. There were the Cooper jeans. The Camel jeans. The G jeans. The fact was, I never liked them, so I never quite owned them.

So there you have it. One branded Levis jeans which is neatly folded away in my cupboard of memories, along with two Bangkok bought jeans, that were priced at $30 SGD. For two pairs that is.

And now, my current unbranded jeans, which I am taking a liking for. It snugs nicely around my ample waistline, loosely hanging, to create a James Dean persona whenever I strut it around. The washed up effects are the one brilliant piece of visual candy, in my honest opinion. I just love the fact that it looks used and dirty. Kinda synonymous with my look on life. It should be soiled and experienced. ( That sounded wrong )

Then I flirted with the question. Why am I attached to only one jeans? For hell sure, I can afford branded ones, a few pairs and maybe odd colored ones…again. But why, the resistance to go out and look for more pairs.

I figured that most of us, may have a lot of pairs or can afford to have a few pairs of jeans in our fashion lineup. But am damn sure, at the same time, that we are also guilty of having one extremely loved and most favorite piece of all. The one that we will just grab and wear on. The one that seems to fit all occasions and situations. The one that never seems to go out of fashion. The one that just screams comfort.  The one piece that shouts, YOU.

I guess, that is how, we may have also selectively chosen the paths, we lead in our life. The partner that we choose. The job that we work in. The sports we engage in. The memories we keep. We always seem to be suffocated with choices these days. We have a new sexy colleague. We have better paying prospects. We have new activities to occupy our time. We have new relationships to foster. We have new cars and phones to buy. The list is endless.

Despite all that, we still seem to have a preference for a particular something or someone. We just seem to be utterly comfortable being around it. It seems to fit in snugly. It never seems boring.  It just complements. At times, it just seems perfect.

The same goes with my dreams and hopes. I have one very old dusty piece of dream, folded somewhere in my consciousness. I might have put it away cause it seemed out of time and out of fashion. It may have been put away, because it was stained and torn. Perhaps, I just chucked it away because new ones were given to me. But now I realized, I need to take it out and dust it off. And perhaps start wearing them again.

Like that piece of loved jeans, I should be wearing it with pride and love. Because it is my jeans and no one else. It is comfortable and that is all that matters.


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