Best Advice I Could Give To A Single Lady

Every Player's PhilosophyIt’s that simple.

Some girls just think too highly of themselves. They believe that the finito to a man’s desire and dreams end with them. They overestimate themselves. They believe in an atrocious philosophy that a man who dwindles on his options is just missing out on them. In fact, some of these girls might even believe that they are God’s gifts to men in general. They will brand men as useless, unworthy of their attention, that they are independent and totally non reliant on the appreciation of men and in a last attempt to conceal their insecurities, they will brand men as players.

Not that I think all men are worthy of being put on a pedestal. Men can be useless. And they are also good at proving to these girls that the assumptions are true.

But maybe, some men. Few and definitely rare, just wants to stop playing around. They just want to chill it off.

“Never hate the player. Hate the fact that you think you can play the game better, when the fact is, the player has got tired of playing.”


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