Irony Of It All

The irony is evident. There are scores of young Muslims, extolling the virtues of Ramadhan and fasting, through their Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, blog posts and pictures. These selected group takes pain to explain and conceptualize the idea of fasting to non Muslims. These group are dilligently doing the works of da’wah.

Then there are these group. The ones I am looking at now. The type who slurps down a bowl of mee and gargles Coke for lunch. The individuals who brazenly eat in foodcourts and eateries. Clearly disregarding the fact that only women bleed, once in a month. The type who stares at weary and clearly distraught fasting individuals like myself, as if I am a walking sinner.

Unfortunately nothing drastic separates these two groups. Sugar brown with a Muslim name. Separated only by the discourse of their actions. Thus the apparent irony.

In context, should slander and bad vibes are arrowed onto the Muslim community, in Singapore specifically, no offence should be taken. Cause clearly, such an embarassment is self inflicted.

The major part of establishing a da’wah campaign, in my opinion, should still be done on a relational interaction. Face to face, individuals to individuals. Not necessarily focused through media 3.0. Not that it is not effective. It’s just that via laymen observations, it seems to get worse by the year.

But of course who cares right? When a recognized body like MUIS and its mosques are more interested in being portrayed in the media, cooking porridge, we can just feel the leverage we actually have.

Oh well, in a week’s time, irregardless of fasting statuses, everyone seems to be entitled to a day of Syawal. That always seems to be the case.


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