The Not So Important Things

Busy With Trivialities
Busy With Trivialities

Here’s a fact.

Your life has been preordained to a term. In such a way, there is nothing you can do about it. You can never add a day more, or decrease it by a single minute. To a believer, life is so trivial, that it has been likened to a playground.

Yet we are guilty of indulgence.

A salesperson is so harped up about his sales target, his income levels, the car that he drives, the house that he owns, the charities he gives, the position of his sales agency, his prowess at developing future salespeople, his devotion to his trade, his wealth of knowledge, his social status in the eyes of others and the thought that all his good fortune are blessings from Allah.

A parent is so enthused by the cleverness of his child, the brand of milk powder he feeds the child, the brand of clothes and shoes the child wears, the social skills of his child, the playgroups the child has been exposed to, the education funds he has managed to build up and the academic capability of the child.

But do all these matter?

Of course they do. But…

Am I harped up by the number of times I can perform my obligatory prayers in a mosque, be on time for my prayers, my ability to stay at least 5 minutes after my prayers on the mat, the regularity by which I open the Quran , the frequency by which I say my dua and even the frequency by which I remember Allah?

It is such a shame that the pace and pressures of life makes it so, that I am busied by the trivialities.


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