How To Defeat Your Office’s Political Voldermort?


Defeating Your Office's Voldermort



You may have been in this scenario before.

By some freak accident, you are discovered to be a shining example of what superior performance is all about. People find you to be an amicable piece of art. A personality so engaging and influential that people just feel so alive by your vibes. You find people smiling when your name is being mentioned. People look at you, with envious eyes, scrutinizing every inch of your well being. People want to be mentioned in the same breath and sentence as you. People clamor for your attention. In summary, people know you and recognize the immense value you bring to those around you.

Then, at the far reaching corners of the oblivion, lie a few individuals who stare at you with snarling scowls on their face. Looking at their hideous and heinous personalities, they realize that there are no absolute ways they can even get within whiffing distance to your abilities. Thus they devise schemes and arouse the suspicion theory around those that you know. They figured that the only way they can taint you, is through a hemorrhage on your credibility. They want you to be seen as an overwhelming shadow on the potential of others. They want you to be spied on by those relatively familiar to you, so as to gain an edge over the personality factor. They attempt at triumphing you by soliciting sympathy votes and favorable judgement calls. They vie for every single piece of trivial information and news that can be manipulated to a groundbreaking headline. In short, they try to be you. With a lesser agenda and methodology.

Politically charged agendas within the frame of a working environment is unhealthy. Especially for idiots who lack the basic skill of effective communication. If there is one thing that you might wanna learn on the art of being a mean political player, it will have to be, that subtle art of persuasion. The delicate art of influence, as I might wanna term it.

There are times when you might find yourself cutting a lonesome figure when you might find yourself being in the entanglement of an Al Jazeera news for the week. You’ll find yourself being a centerfold for the conversations of those around you. By the time you get to the page, you’ll realize that the news was old. Apparently you’ve been a subject that was being discussed.

Office politics work that way. People talk in hush hush. It’s like Voldermort has just walked through the hallowed turfs of Hogwarts. Then you find out that you were mentioned. A bit here and a bit there. Then just like Harry, people cast a suspicious look at you. They fear your unguarded capabilities. Your raw energy. Your limitless potential. You discover then that Voldermort has indeed walked the turf. He had spread ideas. Ideas meant to undermine you. Why did he do that?

Because he knows he cannot engage you directly, whilst his power are nowhere near yours.

This Harry Porter analogy just seemed apt, don’t you think?

So how do you beat this Voldermort and kick his arse back to Timbaktu? Let me offer just three worthy incantations.

  • Banish The Doubt Spell

This is what you should do as a start. Illuminate the atmosphere with certainty by addressing the Al Jazeera news head on. If you’ve heard of yourself being spoken about, seek to clarify. Have a conversation with the people who matter. Take trust out of the context since it’s highly unlikely the truth is anywhere near the mark. Find out the issue that is being discussed and eradicate any doubts by being objective. You want to be seen as a level headed person. So you want to get the issue in contention out of the way first. Therefore, speak and listen without judgments and adverse reactions. The point is to dispel doubts and establish a ground work where credibility can be built.

  • The Reaction Spell

Do not react on impulse. The greatest fault you can ever commit in dealing with your office’s political Voldermort, is to engage. Though reasoning on any level may grant you that absolute opportunity, the more powerful exponent knows that silence patience is deadly. Reactions are the mother of all cock ups. Just look at Bush and his 9-11 agenda. You may find solace in knowing that a proactive approach of smiling through your teeth is an even scarier prospect for Voldermort. Because Voldermort  still cannot read minds. But he can read reactions. So, be smart and stay resolute as a stone.

  • The Overwhelming Charm

I believe this is the best charm you can ever unleash on a Voldermort in your office. This is a simple incantation. All you need to do, is to engage yourself to perform at a level beyond the one that you are at now. One of Voldermort’s apparent weakness is low self esteem. He feeds and thrives on instability and insecurity he finds in you. But should you manage to gain a semblance of greatness going on for you, such traits will be reversed fully on him. Seek to gain in solidifying your apparent strengths and improving on your recognized weakness. Be a better individual so much so that, he may have to just call it quits. The power of the Overwhelming Charm lies in that three things.

  1. Consistency
  2. Character
  3. Communication

A character that communicates consistency overwhelms.

A consistent communication shows character.

A communication that  is filled with character will establish consistency.


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